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Family Force 5 interview 

Family Force 5
Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2006-05-26
FF5 stands for Family Force 5 but it could also mean Freakin? Funkmasters 5 or Fabulous Full-scale 5 and I could go on all night with my own stoopid translations but Family Force 5 is the band you should own a record with to make your life so much happier.
I would like to ask about your logo,I think it reminds a bit of the 70?s funk band Parliament?s logo,where did you get the inspiration of how it would look like?
Soul Glow Activatur: We asked a designer from Pen and Pixels to design a logo that looked "bling bling" yet kind of "metal" looking at the same time. He came up with the logo that we have now and it perfectly describes our sound.

For many years,the funk genre was completely dead but now it seems like it?s having a revival with you and Men Women and Children on Warner to mention 2,why do you think the major labels wanna work with this type of music in 2006?

Soul Glow Activatur: Saying that funk is dead is almost saying that punk is dead. I think it has always been around-it just has taken on other forms and shapes like hip hop has
some of the funkiest music around and you have artists like Kanye West and Family Force 5 reviving that sound with samples from old R & B and rap records from the 70s and 80s. Also, I think there is going to be a huge movement back
to dance-y type music. this time around it will be infused with rock.

Are you fans yourselves of late 80?s funkrock band Dan Reed Network and classic funkrock masters Mothers Finest?

Soul Glow Activatur: Weve never heard of DRN but we have heard Mothers Finest and like a few of their songs. When it comes to funk for Family Force 5, you never can go wrong
with Prince, Rick James, and James Brown. We also are big fans of Earth ,Wind and Fire, The Brothers johnson, Gil Scott-Heron, and Barry White. The "Minneapolis funk" sound and "electro funk" is what we are gravitated to along with Nu wave stuff like Depeche Mode,, Devo, and Kraftwerk.

Have you heard the Swedish funkrock band Electric Boys which did a couple of real nice albums back in the early 90?s?,if not I can recommend "Funk-o-metal carpet ride" from 1990.

Soul Glow Activatur: Nope. They sound awesome though! Swedes playing funk sounds neato. Average White Band is a monster funk band and they are from Ireland or something.

Your album truly sounds like a 100% studio effort with lots of sounds coming from everywhere,I think it?s perfect for the headphones but my question is - isn?t it hard to re-create the sound from the record live on stage?

Soul Glow Activatur: We had fun creating the album with old skool drum machines and dirty sounding analog gear. It is not hard to pull of live cause we play along with our DJ,
Nadaddy. He has all the beats going and Crouton locks up to them on the drums.
Nadaddy also plays all of the synth parts but I (soul glow activatur) did all the synth and beats on the record.

You wrote most of the material yourselves except for 2 songs that was co-written by Butch Walker,how come you got involved in working with him on the record?

Soul Glow Activatur: Butch came and saw us at a club called Smithes Old Bar in Atlanta about 2 years ago. When I came off stage to go to the bathroom he walked in and he introduced himself while we were both taking a pee. Kinda awkward but he said we reminded
him of his old band "Marvelous 3". That was a huge compliment and we began the relationship of making music about a year later. His producing career has blown up big...we are fans of his music so it was great working with him. It would be hard to point out just by looking at him but he is one funky white dude!!! Very versatile guy.

What albums can?t you be without in your iPod?

Soul Glow Activatur: Beastie Boys- License to Ill and Pauls Boutique
Daft Punk- Discovery
Rage Against the Machine- Battle of Los Angeles
Chaka Kahn and Rufus- Greatest Hits
Prince- The hits 1 & 2
Steely Dan- anything and everything
Foo Fighters- The Colour and the shape

I had the opportunity of hearing a track that didn?t make it to the final version of the record,it?s called "Color of water" and I like it a lot - some of the harmonies do in fact remind a bit of Rick Springfield?s "Rock of life", why was it lifted off the album?

Soul Glow Activatur: We had another song called "Replace Me" take its place. We felt that song was better suited for our debut album, "business up front/ party in the back". We still do "color of water" live though. Its kind of like "the Cars" sound.

You combine funk,electronic modern rock and powerpop and the result is awesome and groovy "party til you crash" rock!
I don?t think it?s hard to understand why you got signed,but how come the album is being released by both Gotee and Maverick?

Soul Glow Activatur: Both labels are boutique labels that we felt could push our record in the right places.

Aren?t you afraid to being hip today and gone tomorrow like Extreme sang on the album "Waiting for the punchline" from 1995?

Soul Glow Activatur: We dont try to be hip or cool to what the culture is today because all that fades into the next scene. If it is cool to the kids then let em think that way
cause it is really their music now. We are constantly re-inventing and the next record will be some of the same but definitely another work of art. Gary Cherone is a great singer-too bad it didnt work out with Van Halen or Van Hagar now.

Any hidden meaning behind the album title "Business up front,party in the back"?

Soul Glow Activatur: I heard a hairdresser say that this client came in wanting a "mullet" haircut and the lady described the haircut looking like "business up front/party in the back". We thought that was hilarious and wrote a song called "kountry gentleman"
that has those lyrics in it. We felt it best described our sound also because we are very serious about this music but at the same time its all about the party!!!

Do you have any saying in what singles that will be released from the album?

Soul Glow Activatur: We do!!! "Love Addict" will be our first single coming out soon on the radio!

Thanks for taking the time answering my questions,any famous last words before you go?

Soul Glow Activatur: Keep it crunk and visit us on