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Eleventyseven interview 

Submitted by Johan Wippsson on 2006-06-30
Eleventyseven are a new punk-pop band that has gone really well on the Christian charts this year. And thats not a surprise, their debut "The Land Of Fake Believe" is a very catchy and uplifting album that cant missed by any fan of this genre. When the more established bands tries to change their musical approach and at the same time fails. These new talents give the fans just what they want?..
Hey guys how are you?
Eleventyseven: We?re great. Not too bad; not too good, just right.

Thanks for a lovely album! It?s really uplifting with so much energy and positive vibes. Is this a good reflection of how you are as persons?
Eleventyseven: I suppose. We?re pretty high strung at times, but for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. So is true with our personalities and music

Eleventyseven is a new band for most of the readers here at Can you tell us a little about yourself? ION3
Eleventyseven: We?re a three piece pop punk band from Greenville, South Carolina. We love playing shows, we love playing music, and we love eating chicken wings. They all go together, you can?t have one without the other.

Is there any special story behind your name
Eleventyseven: Why yes, but if we told you we would have to tell you again ?cause you wouldn?t get it all the first time and then we?d just get bored with it.

Is ?And The Land Of Fake Believe? your first release or have you done any independent before it? N5
Eleventyseven: We?ve had a few independent releases before, but nothing noteworthy. Some ep?s and one full length, but this is our first national release?..

Your first single ?More than a revolution? did really well and became the number one Christian rock song in America. Surprised?
Eleventyseven: Yeah. We didn?t really expect anything like that from our music. It?s still sort of odd to think that people in the world can hear us on the radio. My mom likes it though. And she always believed in me. (matt)

The second one ?Myspace? is out now and must in my opinion follow the same destiny as the first one. Really catchy! Is it a tribute to the community
Eleventyseven: I?d say it?s a wake up call to the community. It?s meant to just get people to stop and think about how much of their lives are being invested into creating a false persona of themselves. that?s never good for anyone.

Are you personal involved in the band page and how important is it for you?
Eleventyseven: I am involved (matt) as much as a can be. We always try to respond to everyone that e-mails us or myspaces us, but it?s nearly impossible to get to everyone. It?s important that we maintain a close relationship with our fans, but our approach is not to do that through myspace.

In Sweden there?s at the moment a lot of talk about rules regarding downloading music and the rules around. What?s your opinion as artists about it?

Eleventyseven: Well, it?s theft plain and simple. I kind of hurts to have kids want you to sign pirated copies of your own CD, but you have to take it all in stride. Just because something is easy to do, doesn?t mean it?s the right thing to do. It makes it harder for bands to survive doing what they do. Kids suck the life out of every band they love every time they decide to pirate their music

When genres like numetal and post-grunge are pretty ?cold? after some fine years in spotlight, the punk/pop is still really strong. Why this difference do you think? What have made punk so popular year after year?
Eleventyseven: I guess the fact that there is a ?pop? sensibility that surrounds it, and pop always lasts longer, it?s more enduring. A hook can live for ever?.

What bands have been important to the sound of Eleventyseven?
Eleventyseven: Definitely mxpx, weezer, pet shop boys, joy electric, disney movies, etc.

What will happen now guys? A lot of touring?
Eleventyseven: Of course. We want to get out to as many people as we can as quickly as we can. We?re happy with the record that just came out and we?re ready to share it with the world now. It?s exciting for us.

How many shows can you do in a week before it will be to hard for you? Is the tour life the best thing with being an artist
Eleventyseven: Usually five in a row starts to show some wear and tear on us physically. We have to keep exercising and getting lots of rest. Touring has its ups and downs. The ups are meeting people, forming relationships, experiencing the world, the downs are that your family suffers because of it. I miss my mom and dad, my bro, sister and girlfriend. They all mean so much to me ,and they all have to take a back seat while touring?.

Any plans of playing in Europe? Just call me if you?re near Sweden!
Eleventyseven: We?d love to play outside the US that?s always been a dream of ours, so we?re just waiting for the right offer to come along and we?re there..

Thanks for your time guys and good luck!!!
Eleventyseven: Thank you guys and we look forward to seeing you.