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Eleventyseven interview 

Submitted by Horacio García Oliveros on 2007-07-27
Eleventyseven has a very good definition for themselves at their MySpace page: "Your favorite band, and you don´t even know it". No, they´re not a band for the tastes of everyone, but at least to the Pop Punk audience, it is a shame that they are not even more popular than they are now: there aren´t many bands trying to bring you optimism instead of sadness. However, they could achieve success onto the Christian Rock scene last year with their debut album: "In the land of fake believe". On September of this year, they will release their second album. This is what they had to say about it:
You have a really cool band name. According to Wikipedia, it is a variation of the way Bilbo Baggins refers to his age in "The Lord of the Rings" book. Following this, Eleventyseven means 117. Does this number has a special meaning for you?
: Actually, Wikipedia made a sad attempt at guessing the meaning of our name, and calling it fact. It actually has nothing to do with LOTR or hobbits. According to this, 117 would have no significance whatsoever. However, eleventyseven is one of the most controversial, and dangerous concepts ever brought to the human race. if you can crack it, you will have the world at your fingetips.

Your past record, "In The Land of Fake believe", had success on the Christian Rock scene. However, you are not a very known band yet. In fact, your MySpace page´s slogan is: "Your favorite band, and you don´t even know it". I guess you are hoping to change that. How do you plan to get to a wider audience?
: I dont think we have ever really set out to get a wider audience. Weve always been under the impression that people that like us will like us, and people that hate us will like us later. No worries.

Speaking of MySpace, you have a song called like that. How helpful has the Internet been to you in your career?
: It has been awesome for us. We have a ton of stuff circulating through myspace, mtv, c4, magazines and the like. I think its given us more of an underground following ready to travel to the ends of the earth, than a huge following that will forget about us when the new Fall Out Boy CD rolls around.

Your first single for "Galactic Conquest" will be "Love in Your Arms", which has an electronic influence. However, you have another song called "Its Beautiful" posted at your MySpage page with a more acoustic sound. Which one will be the predominant sound on your new album?
: The electro influence will be the most dominant on the record. We actually hate doing stripped down songs like that, but we really thought that was the best way to translate what that song has to say lyrically. I had a lot of breathing room to take my time and be able to craft a lot of my influences into this record. So it came out a lot more dance accesible.

How do you consider has been the evolution of the band since your first record?
: Weve grown a lot, been hurt a lot. Seen a lot of the world. Gotten tighter as a band and as friends. I think we are to a point now where we are comfortable with ourselves and the direction were headed as a band. And that has meant a lot to us. Actually, Caleb evolved a 6th toe last week. That has sort of been difficult for all of us.

You said in your website that you were tired of bands making depressive music because "We have been put here to enjoy the blessings in life, not cry about the curse of our self-inflicted pain"., and that you had captured that on your debut disc. Can we expect "Galatic Conquest" to be "depression free"?
: I think that what we devote our attention to is what controls us. If we give depression our attention we have made it our god. If we hate our circumstances because of the people around us we have made them our god. The new record deals with depression in this way, but our stance always has been and will be that were going to make fun and happy music. Life is too short not to.

Do you think you have successfully avoided a sophomore slump?
: I dont think thats for me to say. Psychic classes never really worked out. Hahaha!

What were your musical influences when you started? Are they the same now?
: They have changed a bit for the band, but I personally have always stayed close to pure pop music. A lot of electro recently because I have started doing remixes for other bands and I want to be at the front of whats going and not at the back. Erasure, Goldfrapp, Weezer, Pet Shop Boys, etc, have always been an influence.

What albums have impressed you so far this year?
: Billy Talent 2 by Billy Talent, The Otherly Opus by Joy Electric, Good Morning Revival by Good Charlotte, and I still cant take Nightbird by Erasure out of my Ipod.

Finally, what message do you want to give to the audience?
: I dont have anything that you need. Nothing I say is going to change your life, and none of our music is going to change the world. God does those things. Always listen for that still small voice in your head telling you to hold, resist anger, and show love. Hard times make you who you are, not good ones.

Thank you so much for your time. I wish you the best of luck not only with "Galactic Conquest", but with your entire career. Hopefully, your optimism will help you to continue through the rough times
: Thanks friend. We really appreciate you giving us a platform like rock.


Did you know that?

Rocker Tom Petty once took a picture of Jim Morrison’s ghost while visiting his grave in Paris. The photo was proved to be 100% real by an FBI photolab.

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