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Edens Curse interview 

Edens Curse
Submitted by Juha Harjula on 2007-09-05
AFM´s latest melodic sensations Eden´s Curse has just released their debut album. Behind this great band is members from all over the planet. So I took a talk with singer Michael Eden and bassplayer Paul Logue. So check out this interview and see what they had to say about the album and more.
1. Hello Paul and Michael, how are you doing?
ME:: Doing very well at the moment. Had back pain last week from a remodel job but otherwise life is ok.

PL : Very well Juha, thank you!

Tell us the history behind Eden’s Curse?
ME:: I was playing in a band called Seven Ten about 6 years ago. They were good and Paul Logue was better. That’s what happened. I left the Chicago scene all together and Paul wrote me and email in early January 2006. The rest is Curse history shall we say!!

PL:: Well, it all started way back in January of 2006 when I was browsing through an internet musician’s message board and came across a post titled “Singer looking for band”. As I am constantly writing songs, but don’t sing myself, I was intrigued and decided to make contact. I then received an email from Mike and we traded e-mails and I guess we liked what each other was saying. I then tested the water by sending him a track, which turned out to be “Judgement Day” and Mike loved it. We spent many hours talking and drawing up a battle plan and what we originally perceived to be a “project” between two guys on either side of the Atlantic grew some arms and legs and we decided that we were going to form a band.

I knew of Pete Newdeck, a former label mate of mine, whom I had never worked with, but promised that I’d call him if anything came up. I promptly did and he was on board. We then put an ad out on a popular rock website for a guitar player and we were overwhelmed by some fifty plus applications. This took a couple of weeks for me to go through all the sound files, links, pictures, biogs etc. and pass on the recommendations to Mike. We’d given an idea in the advert as to what style of music we’d be writing by referencing some bands like Pink Cream 69, Queensryche and Evidence One. Suddenly out of the blue we received a reply from Carsten Schulz, vocalist of Evidence One, saying he was managing a guitarist called Thorsten Koehne. We checked out his playing and were utterly blown away by his talents. It’s fair to say that Thorsten was by far and away the best player amongst the fifty odd applicants but he was the only one we believed that didn’t need his style or sound altered to fit in with what we perceived from the outset to be the “Eden’s Curse sound”. The four of us were in place by the end of January and work began on the album immediately.

Finally, four became five in late June 2006 when Ferdy Doernberg joined as a permanent member. We’d been using a session guy on keys and never planned to have a keyboard player, but due to some scheduling difficulties we had to find a replacement. Again Carsten hooked us up with Ferdy and we were delighted when he decided to join us for the ride. Mike and I were thrilled with the final line-up!

You have members from USA, Scotland and Germany, how does that work?
ME:: Well it’s not easy believe me. Paul and I talk everyday damn near so there is no issue there what so ever. The songs are created and Paul pretty much lines up everyone to do their thing. I take care of all the important stuff like shaking my long hair and making deals with websites who whore us out to the lowest bidder. Actually a lot of the hard work is done during the late night hours. Paul and I work very hard to get it right. Hopefully others think so as well.

PL:: Don’t forget England too! It works because the world is a lot smaller than it used to be thanks to the wonders of the internet. It’s also easy for us because most of the guys have their own recording studios at home and we swap ideas via email and it works fantastically. Ideally, we’d love to be all in the same room and jamming these songs out from scratch, but the main reason Mike and I found each other is that there simply isn’t the same opportunities to play this type of music where we come from, so we had to look further a field. I guess Mike and I perceived that we may hook up with musicians from a nearby state, not from another continent! However it didn’t faze us being thousand of miles apart, and we talk regularly, in some cases almost daily, still to this day. I think it’s quite exciting in a way!

You will release your debut album in August, tell us about it and are you pleased with the final result?
ME:: Months and months and more months went by. It took a while but it will be in my hand in a few days I’ve been told. Hard work has paid off with all the great reviews thus far. We are doing another cuz I’m so damn cute nobody can stop me!!

PL:: It has been 20 months of blood, sweat and tears and August 24th cannot come quick enough! There have been many bumps along the road, but they have all been surpassed by the highs. I think when we have the final finished product in our hands in the next couple of weeks we can sit back, relax and enjoy what we have created.

I’m personally very proud of what we have achieved, on a next to nothing budget, and not just through luck, but sheer determination. We have also managed to involve a lot of well known people on the record, which as a new band without any names “gives us a chance” in an already over saturated market.

We pride ourselves on quality and when Mike and I drew up a battle plan in January 2006 no way in my wildest dreams did I think for one second that we would achieve our three primary targets of securing Dennis Ward as producer, Thomas Ewerhard as our artist and AFM Records as our label. Our motto as a new band trying to stand out from the rest was “maximum impact” and we felt that if we had good songs that were wonderfully produced and presented in a killer package then we would make a statement. However to be backed by AFM and also some of the industries most respected vocalists was like winning a Willy Wonka golden tick

How did you get in contact with the brilliant producer Dennis Ward?
ME:: Paul hooked that one up. The most brilliant move we made as a team. Dennis is the official 6th member of the band. Very much a team player and 100% behind this band. We love him to death. His lifestyle is way too fucking busy. That’s my only bitch about Dennis and it’s more of an observation. I want stuff now. I hate waiting. It’s like a grocery store. I hate waiting in line. However…………For the proper steak grilled just right I’ll be happy to wait and tip for good service. Mr. Ward serves it up piping fucking hot and with side dishes of attitude and non-stop laughter. Long live the smoking window otherwise known as his office!!

PL:: I have known David Readman (Pink Cream 69) for a few years now and I had been writing with him for his solo album and also another side project that we planned. I told David one day about my new band and he recommended that we approach Dennis. To be honest I thought Dennis was completely out of our league, but David obviously put in a good word and he was more than receptive about the whole idea.

Our relationship grew from there and he was always an email or a phone call away from us throughout the making of the album. I personally learned so much from Dennis like recording techniques, fabulous tips and recommendations on assorted plug-ins and studio toys to use. It was truly an experience to sit next to him in the studio and watch what he is capable of. Not only did we see the incredible talents he possesses for producing vocals but Mike and I also got to personally sit in and watch him mix a single from the new Angra album – that was something I’ll never forget!

People have no idea the hours this guy puts in to make an album sound like it does. I think he is the best in Europe bar none and I think the job he did with Mike’s vocals and the final mix speak for themselves – results without discussion!

Have you had help in the song writing on the album?
ME:: A few people tossed in some cool ideas. Paul will explain this one in detail I’m sure! We only work with the best team of people. Top notch in every way!!!

PL:: Of the original songs on the album I wrote all the music myself, excluding a co-write with Thorsten (“Don’t Bring Me Down”) and the two intro pieces penned by Ferdy (“Book Of Life” and “The Bruce”). The lyrics were written by myself and Mike with Carsten Schulz (Evidence One) co-writing on four songs – “Stronger Than The Flame”, “Fly Away”, “What Are You Waiting For” and “Heaven Touch Me”.

Tell us about the track Eyes Of The World?
ME:: This was an Evidence One jam and em,,,,,,,,,,,now it’s a Curse jam. The original demo was unfinished and I retooled to my liking. Otherwise it’s a balls out rocker and a brilliant final mix on the upcoming album.

PL:: At the time Carsten was working on the aforementioned tracks he also mentioned that he had some unused Evidence One material. They are a great band and we certainly weren’t opposed to using good songs, regardless of who wrote them. So the next day we received an MP3 of the track and we loved it instantly. It wasn’t even finished, but we knew that if we sprinkled some Curse fairy dust then we’d have an absolute killer track very much in our style. It was a perfect fit!

You were supposed to release the album on MTM but it’s been released by AFM. What happened?
ME:: I will not answer this because my mom always said….If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. Well, my mom didn’t always know best god bless her. I will say this…..They wasted my time, the bands time and Mr. Logue’s time! Nobody is respected who wastes my time. I’m warming up to dish the dirt on these guys one day. Until then…..FUCK EM!

PL:: Basically we have some friends in the music business to thank for saving us from making the biggest mistakes of our lives! We received some emails from these friends telling us about two MTM acts who had not been paid their advances and had since left the label. We also were told by several people that the labels financial position was precarious to say the least. This shocked us to the core, especially as the negotiations for the deal took sometime to complete and after taking advice from experienced friends and professional colleagues we decided the best thing to was to confront MTM about these rumours. We did so and were told by the label that the rumours were indeed true and we walked from the label. There is nothing worse in this business than people wasting your time, and for them to negotiate a deal with us knowing they may not be in business come the release date is extremely unprofessional not to mention discourteous. We were very lucky that AFM stepped in at the last minute and they have proved in every way possible that we moved to the right label. We look forward to a long and prosperous future on their roster.

I think the album is filled with great hook laden and powerful songs. My favourite tracks are Eyes Of The World, After The Love Is Gone, The Voice Inside and Fly Away, what’s yours and why?
ME:: We gave birth to all our musical children. I don’t favour one kid over another. However…….”Judgement Day” for various reasons is the ultimate FUCKING monster and it shoves a fist down the assholes mouth who betrayed me in the past! Paul may very well have his vision but make no mistake…….We don’t deal with idiots who are time waters, posers and know it all fucks! They think they have seen the best of me? The ain’t seen jack fucking shit because we toss the retards out the door one by one!!

PL:: They are all my favourites as they all mean something different to me, but for talking sake I’ll point out “Judgement Day” as it’s everything I could have ever wanted from an album opener – cool intro and then killer riffs and solos with a bombastic vocals and a great chorus! “Stronger Than The Flame” because I just love the groove and some of the riffs. It’s also the first track we wrote with Carsten. “Fallen King” because I am a patriotic Scotsman and I love the history of my nation. I hope I did King Robert proud!

We All Die Young was in the movie Rock Star, how did you come up with the idea to record this one for the album?
ME:: I think this was an absolute blast to do. It was my idea and Paul agreed it would be fun. It was! The writer himself gives it two thumbs up. Ya can’t do better than that. We are way happy it wasn’t a bonus track as it originally might have been!!

Michael, can you tell us little about yourself and what you been up to before this and what’s your vocal influences?
ME:: I was in many bands in the Midwest over the last 20 years. They all sucked because of wanna be local goofs who had no drive or determination. One percent of nothing is nothing! However……that changed in 1999 when I formed a band called Locked N’ Loaded which later became Seven Ten. We did one album for Metal Mayhem and had a blast for a few years till it came to a complete hault. It was truly a waste because nobody saw the bigger picture. Enter Paul Logue 3 years later and SHAZAM!!!!!! Eden’s Curse is born. What can I say? Right is Right!!!!!!!! There are many influences. All the greats and far too many to name all of em….Perry, Dio, Free, Harnell, St. Holmes, Plant, Stanley, etc,etc,etc….

Paul, I know that you played with Cry Havoc, what happened to them?
PL:: Basically Cry Havoc ran out of gas! I wasted the last two years recording the demos for the second album for the record label to withdraw support. Eventually the other guys lost interest and as I was the only one driving the project forward I decided to cut my loses and concentrate my efforts on making music with people who cared and shared my vision.

Is Eden’s Curse just a project or is this your main band at the moment and can we expect more albums in the future
ME:: I don’t like the word project as it states people who do things for money most of the time. I do this full on full time because it’s who I am. Having the name on the cover I could hardly join Journey. Hell……does anyone truly wanna have their strings pulled that much? Last time I looked being a puppet put you back to square one. Just an observation. I could be nuts.

PL:: The “P” word is banned in Camp Curse! Or should that be band ? Eden’s Curse is definitely a band and it’s the only band I’m involved in right now. I’ve already started writing for album number two – in fact I have approaching some 30 songs already!

Are you gonna tour with this album?
ME:: I surely hope so. Time will tell. Call AFM every day and tell em I’m ready if they are. Make the plan and I’m 100% game!

PL:: I guess it will all come down to sales. We know it’s doing a roaring trade on the torrents, so hopefully that’s a good indication that people want to hear this record and plenty of people will go out and actually buy it. If we sell enough I am sure AFM will back us with a tour and we’d be delighted to get out on the road, after all, that’s what bands live for isn’t it? We are no different – bring it on!

How did you get David Readman, Doogie White and Carsten Lizard Schulz to sing background vocals for the album?
ME:: Paul hooked this up and all I can say is how witty it was to include such heavy hitters. They did a great job for us so I’m convinced they rule on somebody’s planet besides mine!!

PL:: In short, these guys are all friends of ours and friends help each other out. I helped David out on his record and he was delighted to reciprocate. Carsten had been co-writing and recording demos for us so we got his blessing to use his backing vocals, and Doogie was introduced to me by a mutual friend and he was thrilled to help out also. These guys are all great singers and great people and they delivered in style for us!

Paul, you played on David Readman´s debut solo album, tell us about that.
PL:: As I mentioned earlier, I’ve known David for a few years now and I originally started out being asked to play on some his album. I finally ended up doing the whole record and wrote several songs for him – two of which made the album. It was a fabulous experience to work with a great singer like David, and I am really pleased with the end results. I was also blown away when he choose one of my tracks for a video, especially as I had written that one about my wife. That earned me a few brownie points :)

Name 5-CD´s that you guys have in your CD-player at the moment?
PL:: Eden’s Curse, David Readman, Silent Force “Walk The Earth”, Evidence One “The Sky Is The Limit” and Masterplan “MKII”.

ME: I have about 20 in the player but here are 5 of em….
Ted Nugent/Ted Nugent, Ozzy Osbourne/Blizzard Of Oz, Silent Force/Walk On Earth, Place Vendome (Who’s the guy who wrote these songs? They really suck! LoL), Pink Cream 69/In10sity and a list of many more trust me!!

Do you guys have other projects on the side of Eden’s Curse that you can share with us?
ME:: I have no projects besides jamming at the MelodicRock.Com 10TH ann Gig. That is if egos don’t get in the way of a serious good time! I’m only serious!! Drive Safely!!

PL:: In between writing songs for Eden’s Curse II, I’ve written several songs with Doogie White for his debut solo album. I think I may have possibly 3 or 4 songs on the album if all goes well to plan. Recordings start soon under the watchful eye of the super talented Pontus Norgren (The Poodles).

I also have some AOR songs that I recorded with Doogie last year that I would like to try and shop sometime in the future. Doogie however is tied up with lots of work next year so it’s looks as if Andreas Novak (Mind’s Eye) will try and sing some for me. We’ll see how that pans out.

I’m also writing lyrics for a talented English/Indian guitar player called Jay Parmar for his second solo CD. I believe Carsten may be involved, as will Guitar gods George Lynch and Doug Aldrich.

Talking of Carsten, he asked me to contribute to a Robert The Bruce concept too.

Ok Paul and Michael, I wanna thank you for taking time for this interview. Is there anything you want to say or add to our readers?
ME:: We can never thank you guys for taking the time to read our slightly one sided views on Rock N’ Roll and otherwise. If you bought the album good on ya! If ya stole it from us Please Make Check Payable To: Dennis Ward!! You stole his money. Just an FYI!! Beyond that I thank everyone for their support. You guys fucking rock beyond big time!!
Stay Metal!!!! Cheers!!!!

PL:: Thank you very much for the support and if you get a chance to pick up a copy of the CD then we hope you enjoy it! If you downloaded it and like it then please support us and buy a copy as it may be crucial to us playing your home town or making a follow up. Play it loud and keep it all the way !!!