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Just Surrender interview 

Just Surrender
Submitted by Tom Spinelli on 2007-09-20
Just Surrender is a four piece Emo/Rock band from Dover Plains, New York. Just Surrender is Jason Maffucci (Bass/Vocals), Dan Simons (Guitar/Vocals), Steve Miller (Drums) and Alex Haycraft (Guitar/Vocals).

The band recorded their debut album "If These Streets Could Talk" in New York´s Nada Recording Studios with producer John Naclerio. Naclerio has worked with bands such as Brand New, Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance, and many others. Just Surrender released their sophomore album "We´re In Like Sin," on August 21st, 2007.

I got the chance to interview Dan on their current tour with "We Are the Kings" and "Metro Station." Read the fun interview below and his awesome funny answers, seems like the band is having a great time.
How are you guys doing?

Dan Simons: Great.

Hows the tour going so far with Valencia, We the Kings, Metro Station?

Dan Simons: Fun, Valencia dropped off, and so now we are the ones cleaning up the mess with the rest of the bands. Its a party every night. Drinking, hell raising, music blasting, along with middle fingers, and late night hangs.

Sounds like a blast. Any crazy stuff happen on the road yet?

Dan Simons: Crazy shit happens everyday. Whether its hanging out with billy ray cyruss son, to meeting some random person that keeps shoving drinks down your throat only to find out, that he is a gay guy who wants to sleep with your drummer.

I see your playing at Waterstreet Music Hall in Rochester, NY on September 25. I will be there, its actually right near where I live; Im looking forward to seeing you perform. What can fans expect to see at your show and how long do you guys usually play for on this tour?

Dan Simons: We The Kings and Metro Station are awesome bands. We play depending on the audience. If they are into it, we play more, if they suck we dont. I think overall if you want to be ahead of the curve with whats going to be the big bands of tomorrow, check out this tour. Not putting us in that category. I do it based on those 2 bands. both are going to blow up, like a bathroom, after a full night of eating mexican food, and drinking the cheapest beer available.

Yeah its a great tour your on. Are you guys playing mostly new stuff because of the new record or do you mix it up with the older ones?

Dan Simons: We do a mix, dont want to isolate too many people.

So you guys met in high school?

Dan Simons: Jay and Steve went to H.S. together with our old guitar player, I met those two through our tour manager. Alex we met through the internet in a gay chatroom.

You guys were formerly known as "A Second Chance", Is that true?

Dan Simons: Yes.

What made you change the name and how did you pick "Just Surrender"?

Dan Simons: Long story short, all the other good names were taken.

How did you guys hook up with John Naclerio (who is known for his work with Brand New and My Chemical Romance) to record your original 4-song EP?

Dan Simons: $$ makes the world go round. We knew his studio was top notch.

Hows your new album "Were In Like Sin" being received so far even though its only been out for a little bit?

Dan Simons: For the most part reviews have been pretty nice. More positive than negative. Peoples big complaint, is that we dont hit up on the old style as much. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Times change and so do people. Sorry that some people wish it was 2003 again.. I sure as hell dont.

Yeah I hear ya. Times change and people have to as well. Speaking of that, I hear some bands say its easier to write your first album cause you pretty much have your whole life to write it but then only a few months to record your second.

Dan Simons: Eh.

Do you guys agree with that?

Dan Simons: Yes and no. Writing usually comes relatively easy to us. Not saying that the quality of the writing is good or bad. I just enjoy the process of doing a record. Building it, and shaping it. The second record was a lot of fun. We departed with our old guitar player who we wrote the first record with. The second record was a breathe of fresh air. We played what we wanted to play, sang whatever we wanted, and didnt have to deal with the bad attitude that he brought to the writing process when things didnt go his way."My way, or the highway stuff" Dont get me wrong, i loved working with Andrew, but near the end he just didnt have his heart in it, which was unfair for us. So when writing this record, I found it to be easier in some aspects because, we could experiment more, think outside the box a bit more.

Which makes me very optimistic and excited for our next record.

Very excited to hear that. What was different about recording "Were In Like Sin" compared to the first album "If These Streets Could Talk?"

Dan Simons: Lot more time to record, experimentation, and a lot of freedom.

Who or what influences how you write songs?

Dan Simons: Basically whatever. Life situations. Sex, relationships, drugs, and my favorite, tacos.

Whats your personal favorite song you have written on either album?

Dan Simons: My personal favorite on "If These Streets" is a slow song called is "Theres No Truth In Beauty".

"Were In Like Sin" record, has a couple songs I like. Nothing id classify as a favorite. "Were In Like Sin" the song is pretty good.

"Ill be here" is a 90s ballad i love, and "Payback" is the one i want to fuck to.

Do you think the Internet mostly helps or hurts out newer bands with the whole downloading albums and everything?

Dan Simons: It does both. Helps bands, and buries them.

Myspace is a great new tool for bands. What do you think about that whole craze? Did you guys get sucked into it too?

I think nowadays you have to stay with the trends in terms of marketing and promoting. Yes i have a myspace.

Well Thanks for taking time out of your schedules to talk with I wish you guys the best of luck and will see ya soon.