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Robin Beck interview 

Robin Beck
Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2008-07-14
November 2008 will mark a very special date in the career of Robin Beck.
Twenty years previously, the song ´First Time´ became a worldwide hit single and the album that followed it, Trouble or Nothing is still regarded as a classic example of Female Hard Rock/AOR.
To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Trouble Or Nothing, Robin is releasing a brand new re-recording of the whole album including ´First Time´.
As a bonus for her biggest fans, the first 100 pre-orders will get their CD autographed
by Robin along with a brand new signed photograph not available elsewhere.
Hi Robin, first of all I must start with saying this interview feels so cool because I haven´t written that many fan letters in my youth, I wrote a few in my 20´s to the bass virtuoso Stanley Clarke, my hero Steve Perry and you in the late 80´s but only Stanley Clarke responded - and now I get to ask you whatever I want here at!
Robin: Oh no! I never got my fan mail back then. It was all handled by my manager. So sorry! Let me make it up to you

So you´re starting your own label Majesty Music Group, why?
Robin: I think that its time. It wont be easy, this I know. Theres a lot that goes into putting a product out. I have questioned the integrity of the Music Business for years now. I want to see for myself what can be done and accomplished on an individual basis. I want to take the responsibility for my own success or dare I say failures. Of course I dont believe in failure. I believe that when you do the best that you can, you are automatically a success for that reason alone.

I heard you are re-recording your hit album Trouble or nothing as a 20th anniversary, aren´t you satisfied with the sound of the 80´s record?
Robin: Very satisfied!!! But when I wanted to put it out again I was stopped by the label.
I have no choice but to re cut it and try to make it even better for the fans who loved the original. Its for them...
they asked for it many times over the years and since it disappeared from the shelves of the traditional record stores.
Now theres another reason to start my own label.

Your husband James Christian is going to produce but who is going to play on the album?
Robin: James, HOLs Jimi Bell, Jeff Batter, Jeff Kent, BJ Zampa, Tommy Denander and others... we are still in production so we will be working with many others.

Will you add any bonus tracks, if so - tell me more about them?
Robin: Yes of course. Ive been doing a lot of writing and preparing for this so there will be 4 and maybe 1 more.
5th one is a song that I just love... Cant tell you which one yet...
just in case some tricky label stunt is pulled to prevent me from putting this little gem on the new cd.
Thats another good reason to have my own label or even an imprint within a partnership.

I recently heard the Swedish duo Sunblock´s disco remix of your Coca Cola hit "First time" which was a huge hit again in 2006, they also did a remix the Baywatch theme "I´ll be ready" that both reached the Top 10 in the U.K, how do you feel about the version of First time?
Robin: I thought that it was done well. I had to re sing it because they couldnt place the vocal in the track or it would
have sounded like Alvin and the Chip Monks. It did well in England, Top 10 in the UK charts. This cant be a bad thing.
If people love the song, then they love it for all it can be to all who love it in other versions. It was a hit with the kids again. thats so cool.

Today the music industry is all about age and image, it was different back in the 70´s when you could actually get signed even if you were older and didn´t look like a model, it was all about the songs and talent, do you think the music industry is digging its own grave?
Robin: No, not for that reason. Looks were always important in the initiation process of a new artist. Where they are digging
their own grave is in the fact that there is too much greed... and they are not prepared to step out of the old school and see through the eyes of technology, what lurks!
The kids coming up today are smarter than ever!!! Look out because the baton has been passed. Its only a matter of time before the industry will completely collapse into a submissive state and the new talent will take over. Clive Davis wont live forever... although, out of all the old school names I could have
mentioned... he is the one who would understand this best.

You have released 7 albums and all on different labels except for the latest two on Frontiers, why didn´t the major labels let you record more than 1 album?
Robin: Let me? O.K. Let me explain. MONEY!!!!! GREED!!!! SCARED TO COMMIT!!!! AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT!!!!
And Im sure they couldnt see past their own desk stacked high with broken promises in contract form.
When a label guy makes a commitment to an artist, they are calculating how long they will have their own jobs, unless the artist is an out of the box smash.
If an A&R manager hears that Mr. X, over at another competing label has signed a one toothed 4 foot alien that plays the guitar with the hairs from a brush... they all run out looking for another one just like it.
Or maybe they just have no faith in their own talent or ears to make the call, so the let you go.

You have worked with some of the best in the business like Paul Stanley, Steve Lukather, Tim Pierce, Glen Burtnick, Desmond Child and Tommy Denander but is there someone out there that you would dream of working with?
Robin: There are so many lovely people out there with talent and I want to work with them all. I would have love to work with Mutt Lange :-) But Shania beat me to it

I noticed you have a DVD collection available at your website, very cool! , what does it contain?
Robin: Clips of the past videos and interviews... some T.V. Shows... but wait till you see the behind the scenes video that I am pulling together for the fans from the 80...
this should be a good one.

What kind of dinner would I have to make to become your best friend?
Robin: You mean your not my best friend?
Well then... A fantastic salad with all the fixings. Amazing Italian food, some Red Wine and a lot of laughs.

And what music would be the perfect soundtrack for an evening with a crazy Swede like me as the chef and date, ....and don´t worry, James can be the D.J (woah now he´s gonna hate me)?!
Robin: Not a fair question... but I do love the Beatles

Do you listen to any of the new music like emo, pop punk or modern rock?
Robin: Not intentionally. I love all kinds of music. If something comes out and I happen to hear it, I enjoy it for what it is.
I have a very varied taste in music.... From Brazilian to Classical, Metal, Rock, Pop, Punk ... you name it... I love the old stuff
and I love the new. If it grabs me I become a fan.

I think that´s enough for now but is it cool if I can knock on your door at 4 A.M in the morning if I forgot an important question?
Robin: Only if you promise that you will.

Finally, Robin - have you ever been to Sweden?
Robin: Yes I have... I found the people to be friendly and cultured. It was freezing cold when I was there, so I did most of my site seeing from a car. Cant wait to come back again.