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Coury Palermo interview 

Coury Palermo
Submitted by Troy Kramm on 2008-08-23
Coury Palermo, the former vocalist for the band Lynden was kind enough to sit down and answer some questions regarding his upcoming solo project. Here is what he had to say.
1. First off, could you tell us how your solo project will be different to the music of Lynden?

Coury Palermo: After several years of writing with a band, the only goal initially was to create something with more electronic textures. I grew up on hip-hop and electronica music so there has always been a desire to go down that road and see if the shoe fits, so to speak. I think lyrically the material is a bit more raw and uncensored. There is no one else to worry about and I’m allowed to push the envelope as far as I choose

2. Do you think the previous fans of Lynden will appreciate the new solo project?

Coury Palermo: The response thus far has been incredible. “The Faithful Few”, as I like to call ‘em, have embraced the new material more than I could have ever imagined, which was a concern at first. It’s a little early and I think the verdict is still out (since so little has been released), but honestly, I’m not worried. I have an AMAZING group of fans who are extremely supportive.

3. What are you hoping to accomplish with your solo project?

Coury Palermo: I want to communicate. I want to write the type of songs that made me want to become a songwriter growing up. I also want to have a little fun and not take life so seriously. The difficult thing for me is narrowing down what side of me I want to show first. I would love to release the more singer/songwriter batch of songs because they are my story – something I want to get off my chest. Yet at the same time, I’m dying to release a good ‘ol pop record. Right now is a great time for me. I am coming out of a very chaotic season and I’m ready to try some new things. Who knows, maybe a club record after this first project.

4. For those who have gone to your website lately ( they have had the opportunity to hear some amazing new cover songs by you. Are you planning on releasing any original songs soon?

Coury Palermo: Actually there are two originals (“someday” and “empty sheets”) and three covers available at the moment.

When I launched the site in July, I partnered with a close friend (Josh Cole) who designed a brilliant “splash page”. I wanted to make the site simple yet offer the audience an “all-in-one” type of experience – with the ability to purchase music, drop me a comment, read news posts and view photography.

The objective is to keep people’s attention with an ever-evolving page. I want it to feel like a place people can really connect with me. When you sign up for the newsletter you are given a free download of one of the covers, when you buy one or both of the original songs you are given a free download of two other covers. Who doesn’t like free?

5. Do you have an idea when we could expect a new CD to be released?

Coury Palermo: I’m looking at early spring. I’m almost finished writing a batch of songs I am calling “smoke, mirrors and the heartache that follows”. It is a collection of slow, sparse, “acoustic” material that is extremely personal. When I began writing this past winter I had no intention of releasing a record. One day I picked up my acoustic and haven’t stopped writing since. I believe the current tally is twenty-five. I’m trying to narrow it down to eleven. I haven’t found (written) my “bookends” yet but I’m close.

I would love to release “SM&THTF” and an upbeat project near the same time – possibly a double album – we’ll see.
Also in the works is a crop of covers called “boxsideout” that I hope to get out by summer. We haven’t decided if those will be released as three separate ep’s or one complete project.

6. Your previous works have been independently released will your solo project once again be independently released or are you hoping to have a label backing it to help with the expenses?

Coury Palermo: The independent road may be coming to an end. There are some things in the works but nothing in stone, stay tuned for that.

7. How has being an independent artist helped or benefited you during your time in the music industry.

Coury Palermo: I have no regrets as an independent musician. I honestly believe it’s given me the ability to try and become the best writer possible. So many musicians are thrust into a label situation and expected to perform at levels higher than their experience will allow. I know I am just now learning how to write a song and I’m thankful that I was given the chance to fail or succeed on my own terms. Sure it’s more difficult financially and the process is longer in most cases, but you can’t put a price tag on freedom.

8. Finally, is there any chance of Lynden creating music again or are you going to concentrate strictly on your solo material?

Coury Palermo: There is, but not anytime soon. Chris Brush (lynden’s drummer) is actually my production partner and will more than likely be very involved with this first record. Matt Butler (lynden’s cello/pianist player) will be lending his talents to the string arrangements as well. I love those guys. We have a connection that is a once in a lifetime find.

Right now the goal is solo and with that comes several collaborative projects. Currently I’m writing/recording several songs with Sleepthief’s Justin Elswick. One or both will appear on his second release due this spring.