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Brad Sinsel interview 

Brad Sinsel
Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2008-10-16
There are some truly great frontmen in the rocknroll business, Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople), Noddy Holder (Slade), Paul Stanley (Kiss), Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols), Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy), Bon Scott (ACDC) and Robin Zander (Cheap Trick) to name a few legends.
Another fantastic singer that really belong in that list is Brad Sinsel (formerly of T.K.O and War Babies) and currently in the new band American Standard.
Listen to their new song "Unreal" at:
Hi Brad, it´s really cool to have you featured on our interview section. I think your former band T.K.O has cult status.
Have you had any offers on reuniting the band?

Brad: Offers always come up, but Ive spent my energies moving forward with new people. The same is so for the rest of the lineup, and thats a healthy thing I think.
To answer your question, there may be a time and place for that. Today simply is not the day.

And now you hooked up with Brynn Arens of Flipp in your new band American Standard which I find very interesting and hopeful,
how come you two decided on working together?

Brad: It was amazing how we kept crossing paths throughout our careers. Rare, that each of us admired the other and it took so long to finally start working. Glad we finally got around to that.

Flipp is one of my all time favorite bands right up there with Kiss, Cheap Trick, The Who etc.
Can we both agree on that they are one of the most underrated bands in the world?

Brad: They indeed were one of the most underrated and overlooked. Go figure.
I think being passed over by some suit on his way to the "flavor of the month" indicates you hold something unique and therefore is somewhat always in my book a badge of honor.

There was a new song on your myspace page called "Someone new", but now it´s gone.
Why did you delete it?

Brad: Brynn and I frequently post rough mixes of songs in progress. Theres no mystery to that, but its been fun with the fans having access to the process.

Is there a complete album recorded or are you still writing material for it?
Brad: We both love song-writing. Needless to say weve enough for two releases, but just when we think weve enough songs, another one pops up. Currently were mixing more new stuff at the Terrarium in Minneapolis. Its a great studio. Jason Orris is a brilliant engineer with great ears and sensibilities. Hopefully well call it enough racket soon.

I must ask you one thing, I find it very annoying that more and more bands find their new singer on youtube and mostly they just sound like a good tribute singer without any own personality at all, Boston, Yes and Journey has already done it and I guess more will follow.
Have bands become lazy where they don´t have to go through a lot of auditions or what do you think?

Brad: We live in an American idol world my friend. Everything is instant now. People are less patient and it seems they will settle for what they can get, as long as its here and now. Lazy you ask? I was raised believing lazy is a shameful thing, so thats a big hell yes!

Have you heard that it´s a possibility Kiss will continue without Paul and Gene where they might do a tv show to find their replacements? I think Kiss will live on forever even if they decided on putting an end to the band, don´t you think?
Brad: I had not heard that. Then again there is a reason i have exiled myself to this desert . I think Kiss had their day and that all fame is fleeting.

What are your roots musically, which albums lie closer to your heart than others?
Brad: THE WHO, THE STONES, ZEPPELIN , IAN HUNTER, BOWIE, IGGY, N.Y. DOLLS and of course ERIC BURDEN. I admire TOM PETTY from a songwriters standpoint along with countless forgotten artists too numerous to mention in this venue.

Brynn sincerely wanted me to ask you about Kiss Dolls, now what´s that all about? It sounds like a band......
Brad: He was joking

In 1992, you collaborated with Paul Stanley on the track "Hang em up" on the War Babies album, would you like to tell me more this awesome happening?
Brad: Actually Paul & I collaborated on "Cry Yourself to Sleep" on the War Babies sessions. Tommy & Paul did the genuine bulk of Hang me Up, I added my changes once I stepped up to the mic. As for my sessions with Paul, Ive never been a fan of arrogance. There were times I was consumed by it myself. I found him to be one of the most self absorbed individuals I ever ran across and as you can imagine Ive met more than my fair share. Both songs turned out well, in spite of it all. I was amazed by the entire process, as usually in cases such as this I tend to either walk out, punch them or at the least piss on their leg.

What 5 albums are spinning at home/in your iPod right now?
Brad: Im not a big fan of ipods, but theyve been helpful to work on new material. Today its filled with American Standard material, either needing lyrics or something that Ive left undone.

What makes a good song?
Brad: Thats the 10 cent question is it not? when some fat chick listens to say - Air Supply and hears renders the question mute does it not? I mean, to her its the perfect story-line and melody. To me, the perfect song has to tell a story.

Do you think Rock and roll will last forever?
Brad: I think corporate greed did its best to kill it off, but itll be around in some form or another long after I am gone.

What would you choose between playing 15 minutes in a sold out stadium before 60,000 or 2 hours in a small club in front of a crazy crowd?
Brad: I cut my teeth in Enormo-Domes but have always held a sweaty club to be my favorite...then again the idea I always had about the huge shows was to start with the front row and work my way to the last seat until it becomes a giant small sweaty club. God help me, I love them both.

What is the most beautiful town you´ve been to?
Brad: No particular town is first. Spring or summer night in Manhattan ranks high but as much as I hate it, every now and then I miss the Sunset Strip. Boston and San Francisco but you can keep Portland Oregon. Erie Pennsylvania I found to be a great rock town. Also should note that Ill take Kyoto over Tokyo. Of course we all know that Cleveland rocks.

One final question, will you play songs live from T.K.O and Flipp or just American Standard songs?
Brad: I imagine well focus primarily on new stuff. Might be fun to throw one song from each into the encore though, thanks for that idea