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Randall Bramblett interview 

Randall Bramblett
Submitted by Rick Huisseune on 2008-11-06
Hailing from Athens (Georgia), this southern singer/songwriter´s 7th solo release titled "Now It´s Tomorrow" is a bit more rootsy, funky faced Rock than his previous album "Rich Someday from two years ago. He wrote most of the songs himself together with his good friend guitarplayer Davis Causey, produced it together with Gerry Hansen and i have to honestly admit this masterpiece has the sound, musicianship, lyrics and songs to make it as my favorite album of the year this far ! If you´re not familiar with his work in the past you should be ashamed of yourself, imagine the best of Marc Cohn and Josh Kelley combined together and you know what he serves in your plate. I asked Randall a few questions about his work in recent history with Steve Winwood and Roger Glover, here´s what he had to say .....
1) Wauw, your latest album really has an awesome sound, im
overwhelmed with the result, can you explain to our readers what you
and your wife meant with the title "Now Its Tomorrow" ?

Randall Bramblett: Weve experienced losses and births this past year and also a historic political time for the usa. It seemed appropriate to have a title that says "now is the time weve been thinking was coming...time is of the essence" it also has a little beatles feel like some of the music.

2) I think this album has more of a down to earth/straight in your facesound compared to your previous album "Rich Someday" from two years ago, do you agree on this ?

Randall: I think of it as more rock but not more down to earth. mess about it and visions are pretty "out there"...its less americana/back porch than rich for sure. A little more sophisticated production.

3) Again your lyrics are brain invading brilliant, was it your plan from starters to write all songs and lyrics by yourself ?

Randall: Not my plan. it has just worked out that way. Jason Slatton moved away and Davis Causey is busy in his studio so i worked alone.

4) You produced the album yourself together with drummer Gerry
Hansen, who also forms a truly unique rhythm section with bass player Michael Steele. In fact this album contains the strongest produced rhythm section of any of your past releases. Where the songs originally written to offer such an amazing Rock vibe ?

Randall: The final versions were very close to the demo in production but the band added a lot more muscle to the demos. it was not a conscious act in my writing.

5) Besides yourself you also have guitarplayers Davis Causey and
Mike Hines on the album, where did you find these guys ? And can we consider this as your back up youve been touring with right now ?

Randall: This is the band that has been recording and performing live for almost 5 years now. Davis and i have been playing together since 1069. He has always been in my band and we played in sea level together for a few years, too. Mike Hines is a player from atlanta who was recommended by Gerry Hansen because he had done sessions with him over the years. Im lucky to have all these guys.

6) Also plans to tour Europe this time ?
Randall: No plans but working on offers and possiblities. The expense is great but i may do some solo gigs if i can work it out.

7) You toured Europe before in the recent past with Steve Winwood,
have you heard his last album ? And are you still in touch with him?

Randall: Not in touch with him but some of the band members. Heard a little of the cd online.

8) I was delighted with the recent Roger Glover album from a few
years back, cos it has your lead vocals on it all over, its almost like a Randall Bramblett dessert album if you ask me .... how did you came in touch with Roger Glover ?

One of the guitar techs on the deep purple tour knew me and my music and turned roger on to it. I liked my voice/writing and asked me to join him. Theres a new cd in the works too.

9) Did you ever tour, or were there any tour plans with Roger Glover with the album "Snapshot" ?

Randall: Couldnt work that out.

10) Now, there seems a new Roger Glover solo release in the
pipeline with again your voice on it, when can we finally expect that one to see the daylight ?

Randall: Ive been meaning to ask Roger how thats coming along. Soon i hope.

11) For me you are definetly the best singer/songwriter that hails
from the south in the U.S., do you actually receive a lot of airplay in the southern states ?

Randall: We get some small station play in the south, west and up the east coast. Not enough to affect sales. the formats on the big stations are very tight and dont play our kind of music. it makes it hard to get heard.

12) Which of your previous albums was the most succesful one this
far and how many units did it sell ?

Randall: They are all in the 5ooo range.

13) Do you think the music scene is different thesedays for a
singer/songwriter/performer like you if you compare the south part
of the U.S. to the up north east coast (Boston, N.Y.C.) ?

Randall: There are less venues in the south to play and musical tastes are more conservative down here. We go over well wherever we play. Its more of an age thing. Young people have their own tastes and dont necessarily go for our style.

14) What singer/songwriters from your region you think are
promising and to watch out for in the near future ?

Randall: Derrick Trucks, Modern Skirts

15) Last question, if you had to pick 3 songs of "Now Its
Tomorrow" as your favorite ones, which ones would it be and whys that ?

Randall: Mess about it (its out of control and matched the jealous craziness of the character singing), Rule the world (funky and funny), Some mean god (intense feelings about loss conveyed ih this one)