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Jack Savoretti interview 

Jack Savoretti
Submitted by Rickard Holmgren on 2009-05-18
Jack Savoretti will be releasing the follow-up album to the brilliant "Between the Minds", entitled "Harder Than Easy" on July 6th. Take a look at what he had to say about the new album and life in general
First of all, thanks for taking time to answer my questions. How are you doing?
Jack Savoretti: Im very well thank you.... keeping on...

Tell us a bit more about Jack Savoretti, who are you?
Jack Savoretti: I was born to an Italian father, and a half German half Polish mother.... I was brought up most of my child hood in London until moving to the south of Switzerland where I learnt how to travel to the sound of music....

What have you been up to since releasing the, in my opinion, brilliant “Between the Minds”?
Jack Savoretti: After releasing "Between The Minds" I toured the UK intensely and got out to Europe a couple of times. I also spent quite a bit of time in the States working on music for films and meeting some people out there. The touring ended at the end of 2008 and then I was getting ready for Harder Than Easy.

Describe the new record, how will it be different from your first one?
Jack Savoretti: The first record "Between The Minds" was recorded over the period of two years and was a patchwork of songs I had collected along the way... This new album "Harder Than Easy" was recorded over the space of 7 days and captures the spontaneity of the songs in their rawest form...

What are the differences comparing recording the follow-up album to recording the debut album?
Jack Savoretti: This new album "Harder Than Easy " was all recorded live and every song never exceeded three takes which meant that the concentration and feel for the recordings was much more intense which I hope brings out the intensity of the songs themselves...

How do you handle any bad reviews?
Jack Savoretti: I dont really like them...

How do you write a song? How does the creation process look?
Jack Savoretti: Something strikes a chord, so I add a few more chords and then try to fill the spaces with words....

What/Who influences you as an artist and a songwriter?
Jack Savoretti: I think melancholy is my biggest influence...

What music do you listen to yourself?
Jack Savoretti: I like anything that makes me listen…. When it gives you the feeling that you’re lucky to be hearing it. If not for the first time, as if for the first time.

Is there any song that you wish you had written?
Jack Savoretti: Peter Green and Fleetwood Macs "Man Of The World"... Gets me every time

Who would be your dream artist to share a stage with?
Jack Savoretti: Tom Waits, Jackson Browne, Stephen Stills, Paul Simon, Francesco De Gregori, to name a few....

What is your best touring experience?
Jack Savoretti: Being able to fly my girlfriend out to Paris to come watch the show was definitely up there

What would then be your worst touring experience?
Jack Savoretti: I cant remember where in England it was, but I remember driving for almost six hours and playing for two people... I dont think they where even listening....

Is there any chance of seeing you in Sweden anytime soon?
Jack Savoretti: I hope so.... I was just out there with Gavin De Graw... Ive always wanted to come to Scandinavia, so that was a great trip.... great people...

Finally, thanks for answering the questions. Any final words to the readers?
Jack Savoretti: My pleasure... See you around