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Scale The Summit interview 

Scale The Summit
Submitted by Troy Kramm on 2009-05-20
Some bands get lucky and find success instantly. Others have had to work and climb their way up to the top in the music industry. Scale the Summit is one of those bands that show up each and every night to do what they do best! Play ear shredding guitar riffs.

After inking a deal with Prosthetic Records in 2008, Scale The Summit cemented their place as one of the brightest up and coming instrumental acts in recent memory. Their brand of “Adventure Metal” is making people listen and gaining these guys new fans each and every day. I sat down with Chris Letchford, the bands guitarist to ask him a few questions about the band as well as his own personal projects. Here is what he had to say.
Who is Scale The Summit and why should we listen to you?

Chris Letchford: : Were a progressive instrumental band from Houston Tx. We have coined the term "Adventure Metal" to describe our sound and that’s the best way to put it. For new listeners out there you will just have to come check out our innovative instrumental music, it will definitely take you on a journey!

I can honestly say that I don’t know too many instrumental bands that have become noteable in mainstream music. Why has this never deterred you from continuing?

Chris Letchford: With all bands, it really doesn´t matter what style or genre of music that you play, it all depends on how hard you work. We have been a band for barely four years now and have come a very long way, being signed to Prosthetic Records, joining up with one of the most well known and professional booking agencies in the world, and having our Cds sold in Best Buy. It’s definitely a huge accomplishment for any band, let alone an instrumental one. So all that being said, still to this day we put in the hours of hard work. We still have a long way to go, you really can accomplish a lot with any band, regardless of what the music sounds like.

Has anyone ever told you to add a vocalist? Is this something you ever thought about?

Chris Letchford: AYeah, of course. After having already established ourselves for a few years now, with our signature instrumental sound we still get emails from time to time asking if we are looking for a singer. It will never happen. We spend a lot of time writing this music to be full without vocals, adding them now would ruin the vibe of the songs. Not that we dislike vocalists, we just dont want one in our band. We started this as an instrumental band, and it will always remain instrumental.

Personally I loved the album and found it to be an amazing listen. You have received rave reviews from various magazines and media outlets alike. The band was even featured in Guitar Would Magazine. How have you enjoyed the success of this album?

Chris Letchford: Thanks a lot! And definitely, the press reviews and coverage that we have been getting for this album has been amazing. I am really glad to hear that everybody has been enjoying it. As for the success, our fan base has definitely doubled in size over the past few months. Our music is really getting out there, it’s exciting. As for Guitar World Magazine, that was just amazing on it’s own. Growing up reading Guitar World I would have never thought I would have a full page in it, let alone a video lesson on the CD ROM. It was a very awesome experience.

The band is full of some very young individuals, yet you seem to play light years ahead of your age. Do you feel like you know everything or do you think you still have things to learn?

Chris Letchford: Haha, thanks, but no. We dont know everything. You can never master an instrument so we will always be learning new things and getting better at our instruments. That’s what is really fun about being involved in the music industry. It is always evolving and changing.

By the way Chris, how does one become interested in the eight string guitar? Why did you not just stick to the classic six string?

Chris Letchford: : For me personally, I just wanted more of a challenge. It goes back to "learning new things". I ended up really enjoying playing it and it helped spark a bunch of different ideas for song writing with the band. I used it at the first band practice a few days after I got it and havent looked back since. I have been playing eight strings for about four years now.

Who are you biggest musical influences?

Chris Letchford: Some of my favorite guitar players are Guthrie Govan, John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, Bireli Lagrene, and Brett Garsed, to name a few. Bands I really like our, The Bad Plus, Cynic, Dream Theater, Textures, Exivious, Necrophagist, Opeth, and then there are more, but those would be my top at the moment.

Aside from music you are also an entrepreneur in the clothing industry with your company Sea and Sky Clothing. How and why did you get into the fashion industry?

Chris Letchford: I had been designing a lot of the Scale The Summit shirts and saw that people really liked my ideas so I decided to give the clothing line thing a shot. So far its been going great, its been growing a little quickly for me right now, since I handle all the band stuff as well.

If you had to choose one or the other to make a living at, would it be Scale The Summit or Sea and Sky Clothing?

Chris Letchford: If I had to choose, it would be the band. But like I said, my girlfriend already helps me run Sea & Sky Clothing, so she would just have to take it over full time when Im unable to dedicate myself to it.

What can we expect in the future from Chris Letchford/Scale The Summit/Sea and Sky etc etc?

Chris Letchford: A LOT! I plan on sticking around for a very long time so hopefully a lot more music with Scale The Summit and killer designs from Sea & Sky Clothing!

Any final words to our readers at

Chris Letchford: Thanks for having me, and thanks to everyone that took the time to read this. Make sure to check my band and clothing line at these links.,,,,,