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Enochian Theory interview 

Enochian Theory
Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2009-07-29
Enochian Theory isn´t the most famous band in the world, in fact - there aren´t that many that own their records but I can proudly say that I belong to the group of people that has one of their albums in my collection.
And believe me, you should have one too.
Want to learn more? Well, check out the interview with Ben Hayes of the band.
Hi, I´m curious about the name, what does it mean?
Ben Hayes: Greetings Kaj, thank you for the pleasant review you gave our new record on the website.
We are most appreciative and pleased you like it.

Enochian Theory means something very personal to its 3 members and the actual meaning of the band name works on multiple levels with multiple meanings and it is open to interpretation by those who take the time to read a little deeper...and then try to form their own opinion.

I wont say if anyone is right or wrong in their guess when we are that is not what this is all about.
We are what we are and the band is what it is...what it means to us is personal.

The Lost Orchestra is credited for several instruments, who are the mystery kids?
Ben Hayes: A living conscious that works with the band to elaborate on our ideas...Im not sure they like attention and simply prefer to remain anonymous for now.

You´re a trio but the music sounds like it should be performed by at least 5 musicians, how do you perform the songs live?
Ben Hayes: We utilise technology during our shows to ensure that we can play live EXACTLY as it sounds on the record...only with more passion, because its a live performance.

I simply suggest that anyone interested in hearing how we achieve this should just attend one of our shows when we get on tour later the year and observe for yourself.

I really like the artwork that bring thoughts to Pink Floyd´s classic album "Animals", was it important for you to have a great album cover?
Ben Hayes: Indeed it was a very important facet of the plan...and a few other people have said it reminds them of Pink Floyd...which is interesting...

In short, We wanted EVERYTHING to be on a grander scale than the previous E.P...and developing the right artwork to go alongside the plethora of musical ideas, so that the entire package could be seen as one collective burst of consciousness...was paramount to us.

The artist responsible for the brilliant artwork is Robin Portnoff, who we became friends with across the ether...and his ideas simply felt right.

We worked with Robin with themes and gave him some lyrics to work with, as well as a few basic ideas of what the album means to us...and then said “Go do your own thing with all that information.”
...and we believe he did a world class job and we cannot wait to work with him in the future

We are hoping to utilise an excellent storyboard that Robin has done for a song from the new record and turn it into a video...but well see what happens.

The music is quite progressive but also very big, did you have a vision about the sound of the new album before recording it?
Ben Hayes: I personally knew from day one where I wanted to take the band musically and thankfully, Sam and Shaun share that exact same vision, albeit after some skilful negotiation on my yes, we did know where we wanted to take the band musically.

We always knew where it was going to be by the time it reached this stage...however, we had no idea how it would actually sound.
We had a rough plan in our feeble grey matter but the final product is something we couldnt have imagined a year ago if asked.

In fairness to the plan...its always been a logical progression with every recording since the inception of the band...just to become better and continue to make music that we like creating.

I knew exactly what I was aiming for once I realised I had to get writing back in early 2008, I just wanted to make an accurate reflection of our lives at that/this point in time. It had to be completely honest and represent us as a band and as people at that/this stage of our life-cycle...which I believe, weve achieved.

It is what it is and its very personal to us.

I´m quite new to your band and haven´t heard the previous albums, how would you compare "Evolution Creatio ex Nihilio" to the first two?
Ben Hayes: I doubt you will ever hear the 1st demo we did as its ultra rare and not very good production/writing/performance wise, but it was the bands first effort and every band comes from somewhere.

Our first proper release (A Monument To The Death Of An Idea) was a 5 track E.P which is still available from our record label.
Again, you can hear what we were trying to do...Just forge some sort of identity.
I think it represents us for that time of the bands life-cycle pretty well.

Different people like different recording from us, some prefer the previous E.P to the new one...and that is their choice to make.

The album is a grower, I wasn´t too fond of it at first but I have started to love every minute of it, I´m not thinking of the music as songs but more like one piece of music just like composers of classical music.
Do you agree?

Ben Hayes: I can only go on other peoples comments as I wont ever suggest how to listen to our music.
Each person is different, but yes, I think listening to the record as a whole is one way of doing it and probably how I would engage it when listening to the record for the first few times, but I think once you know the record, you can always listen to specific tracks on their own that you perhaps may enjoy hearing.

The choice really is for the listener to decide.
How we designed it is for us to keep for ourselves and for the new listeners to embrace for themselves if they so wish.

Every band says their latest album is their best so far, but my guess is that you will look back in 10 years and say "Evolution Creatio ex Nihilio" is our best album ever.
How will you match this one later on?

Ben Hayes: Well that is an opinion of yours and I wont try to change that...but the future is an rather interesting and scary thing, no?
And I personally wouldnt ever assume anything from something with such constantly changing that is very dangerous...Im sure you get my hint.

The band will simply continue to evolve musically and we are very excited about our new beginning with this record...and when the time is right for us, we will wholly embrace the challenge of following up Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio.

The way we look at it is this...Each of our releases have been a simple progression of the previous recording...and it will continue that whatever way that is.
We get bored easily and I really cannot say what we will write and record next.
Maybe a really polished and obvious rock album...or an ultra brutal math-metal record...maybe a minimalist industrial release...or maybe a whole record full of porn samples and all our negative reviews done in spoken word by William Shatner..
Who knows what it will be and how it will be received but something we do know is that it will be nothing but an honest record and a reflection of us at the point in time.

Are you influenced by Swedish metal music?
Ben Hayes: I can only say we like a LOT of music...not just metal and rock...which are the more obvious elements in this current guise of Enochian Theory.

I will say that we certainly like Sweden because David Castillo, who mixed and mastered our record, as well as Robin Portnoff, who did the artwork come from they have a very good female volleyball team and a decent tax system...but a rather high standard of living...not sure their beer is any good though...

What can people expect from a Enochian Theory show?
Ben Hayes: Its a difficult question to field but lets just say we have a quiet confidence that those people who actually buy the new record and subsequently wish to come to the shows will enjoy it.

We just hope people leave our shows having enjoyed themselves in whatever capacity that is.

And finally, what is your favorite football team?
Ben Hayes: Were not bothered about sports as a band...outside it and in our own time is another matter...but our personal likes and such are not really what we we like to talk about...
I will only say...“That the sports team from my town is better than the sports team from your town!”
A certain Canadian said that once to an assembled throng a few years back...and it still makes me laugh.

Thank you for the interview Melodic.Net, I hope you and your readers enjoy our music and I can take something away from it for yourselves.

We will hopefully see you on tour, observe our wonderful website for more information at your leisure...