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Richard Page interview 

Richard Page
Submitted by Rick Huisseune on 2010-12-28
Richard Page is a hero of mine since his days in the band PAGES, later on with MR. MISTER, 3RD MATINEE and his fantastic solo albums. Besides being a bass player he is a phenomenal singer and songwriter. Because of his recent solo release Peculiar Life and the finally released Pull album with MR. MISTER i thought it was about time to ask this generous man some questions and here are his replies .....
1) Congratulations with the release of your fantastic new solo album PECULIAR LIFE and the long awaited unreleased MR. MISTER PULL masterpiece.
two releases this year, how come we haven't heard from you in such a long time, what have you've been up to ?

Most people think of me only as the singer of Mr. Mister, but for many years before and after, I have written and produced songs for many other artists, raised four children and enjoyed my incredibly fortunate life.
2) Pull is an outstanding album, recorded a long time ago, why was it not released after the Go On album ?

There were problems with the record company that couldn't be overcome. The people who signed and nurtured us through the other three albums had left for other jobs and the new regime didn't really 'get' our music (even though we had made them millions of dollars........go figure). They let us know as we were mixing the album that they didn't know what they would do with it After all the time, effort and passion we put into it, that was a big disappointment and we just couldn't find the energy to continue as a band and broke up.
3) Are you still in touch with Steve Farris ?

Yes, and he's doing well.
4) How about Pat Mastelotto and Steve George ?
-Pat and Steve are both doing well. As a matter of fact, we three got together and did an EPK for the release of PULL which is now up on uTube.
5) Do you think there will ever be a next album of Mr. Mister ?
-Never say never.

6) What do the following people mean to you ?
a) Nik Kershaw ?

Great songwriter
b) Cy Curnin (Fixx) ?

Don't know him, but I liked the band.
c) Pat Leonard ?

Incredible talent.
7) Will you work again with Pat Leonard or maybe a new T. Matinee album ?

Doubt it..........but who knows. That was a great experience and I love the album.
8) What is the reason behind the title of your solo release "Peculiar Life" ?

You should first listen to the song. My life is peculiar in that I am still attached to praise, success and wealth and yet I have an ongoing interest in spiritual things which are in direct conflict.
9) Are you forming a band together to support this solo album ?

No, not at the moment.
10) In fact do you ever perform live onstage these days ? If so with whom ?

Yes, I just completed a tour of the US with Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band this past summer and may do more with him. From time to time I perform at certain charity events.
11) I still enjoy the Pages albums, perhaps there's unreleased material of PAGES to see the light of day in the future ?

We are looking into ways of reviving some Pages material for my website. Stayed tuned.
12) I'm amazed that you still work together with George Ghiz, you must be one of the artists who stayed his manager loyal all the time throughout the years, who is George Ghiz to Richard Page ?

George and I go all the way back to grade school. We've been friends for well over 40 years.