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Eve To Adam interview 

Eve To Adam
Submitted by Alex Lupul on 2011-07-12
Eve To Adam (often called ETA) is rock band based in NYC featuring Taki Sassaris (lead vocals/guitar), Alex Sassaris (drums/backing vocals), Gaurav Bali (Guitar/backing vocals) and Eric Bergmann (bass). The group will release its much anticipated album Banquet For A Starving Dog this summer, distributed by Universal Music Group and we got the chance to ask Taki about the new album and also about the past.....
Hey man how are you?
- I am feeling good these days, the band is in great shape and I am very excited to tour this new album and reconnect with our amazing fans.

Your upcoming album "Banquet For a Starving Dog" will be out on September 13th. You must be really pumped for this new release?
-This has been a long time coming for us...we have been resilient in keeping the flame lit and pushing forward. We are not taking any opportunity for granted!

How would you compare it to the your previous efforts? Is the new album different in some way would you think?
-The songwriting is more honest- we grew a lot as men on this album, and the writing is a pure reflection of that. I am proud of all of our previous releases...I still get a thrill from jamming on previous material, it's a nice feeling to step away from a collection of tunes and then try them back on, so to speak, and have them still stand up over time. That being said, "Banquet for a Starving Dog" is our greatest album thus is a more mature statement for us as artists. We pushed the performances to the limit on this album in that we recorded live in the studio for the first time with producer Paul Lani. This album sound more like what ETA sounds like live...that's always been the goal.

-It will be distributed by Universal Music Group, which must be a great thing now when the music business is tougher than ever?
We are very proud to be part of the Universal Music Group family. The staff at Fontana has been very enthusiastic about ETA, and have been helpful with the setup of this release every step of the way. I know that we are in the right place, in the right time, this time. This is the first time this has happened for us- those that know the history of this band are very aware of the bad timing, and bad luck we have endured as a group.

When talked about the business. Have you felt any changes since the late 90's when you started as a band compared to now? I mean, the Internet is really great for communication, but it has also killed the sales for labels, which signs fever bands these days.
-The business is in a state of massive overhaul...the old business model is close to taking the eternal dirt nap, placing more emphasis than ever on a band's live prowess to generate income that has been lost from reduced music sales. It is certainly harder to make a living as a working musician if you are not on superstar level, but still possible, you just have to be super on- point, all the time, which in my opinion is how it should be- that being said there is still some really kick ass music that still is surfacing out there, it's just infinitely harder today for great music to reach the people through conventional mediums, i.e radio, video channels, and mainstream music press. The internet has served as a great portal to new artists and fresh sounds, but at the same time has served as a buffet for people to steal music from people that are legitimately trying to make a living being artists, and many are not able to survive anymore- so you get less creativity in the music world, that leads to a staticness in style and approach, that ultimately leads to lesser quality material, and listener apathy. A vicious downward spiral that I fear will not end unless captains of other industries start to invest in artist development again, because it doesn't seem that the music industry will ever reinvest in itself to keep the ball rolling.

When reading your bio I must say that you have had your ups and downs. You signed with legendary Desmond Child in the late 90's, but that did work that well. What happened there?
-Too young, and we wanted to discover who we were as artists....we didn't know a lot as kids, but Alex and I did know that we didn't want to be pop-rock stars. We were lucky to have started with Desmond, and we both learned a lot from watching one of the best at what he does make huge hits for some of the biggest artists on this planet. I am happy for his continued success, and know that if we cross paths one day at an industry function, I know that he would be proud of the way Alex and I stuck to our guns, and persevered on to build the sound that has become EVE TO ADAM.

Then you signed with Warner records, but due to financial problems you had to leave the album. That must have been a really tough time for you? Two big chances, but none of them worked. Did you ever think of giving up or did this just made you to write better songs?
-Well, it goes back to the saying, "that which does not kill you, certainly makes you stronger." Giving up was never in the cards for us.

So this new album "Banquet For a Starving Dog" is the first record in 4 years since the previous record, "Queens To Eden." Why did it take this long to get something out?
-Well, let's see we lost our previous bass player, Riv, in March of 2009, and then shortly after hit a rough patch with our previous label, that ultimately led to a freeze of all operations stemming form a contract dispute. It took some time to settle our contractual disputes and subsequently find the right replacement on bass. Also, we didn't want to move forward without the right team in place and the right support behind us. This is a tough business, even tougher when you don't have the right people behind you. I am blessed to be in the position of getting another shot at doing it the right way. 3FOR5 records and Management have been phenomenal in getting us back on our feet and back in the game...Also, Eric Bergmann has brought a completely new dimension to the band with his musicianship, attitude and energy.

You shared stage with a bunch of great acts like Saliva, 3 Doors Down, Crossfade, Smile Empty Soul etc and seemed that you had a good flow at that time?
We sure did have a great run with all of those bands- all were very cool to us and I have great memories from those tours, however that being said, I know that the best of our live career is still to come....stay tuned, you are about to see ETA turn it up to a whole other level.

Do you have a new view of the business now and do you have others goals compared to ten years ago? Is it easier in some why now when you have experienced a lot?
Yes. Things don't rattle us anymore...You just take your knocks and keep rollin'- Keep your eye on the big picture and don't sweat the small only takes you out of the game.

But you're now out supporting the new album. How has the response been so far?
-Response is fantastic....the greatest feeling for an artist is to take some chances and have your audience get it all the way and come with you on the's what you live for as a writer and ultimately as a performer.

How is it to play songs from an album that isn't out yet. I mean it must really great to play new stuff for the fans, but it must also be a bit hard since they haven't heard that much yet?
-Well, the funny thing is, with a couple of sample listens, people already are getting familiar with the tunes...and we wrote and arranged this group of songs to be very accessible on one listen live...

You will support this new album this summer, is it a big tour?
-We just signed with the AGENCY GROUP...they have some big plans for us this summer and well into 2012

Do you know what acts you will be playing with, any confirmed ones to reveal?
Can't reveal that yet...all news will be posted

If you could choose one band to do a worldwide tour, what band it be?
FOO FIGHTERS...they are king of the hill right now...they keep moving the goal line, and I could never get sick of listening to their infinite set list of HITS....

Thanks for your time and good luck with the new album. Any last words to the readers?
Never give up on your is not all that it can be without our dreams....Thank u for the interest in EVE TO ADAM, and i hope we get to speak again soon after we are back on the road full time.