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Marianas Trench interview 

Marianas Trench
Submitted by Johan Wippsson on 2012-02-29
Canada's Marianas Trench have just released their new album "Ever After" that is their best album up to date and also a milestone in the progressive pop genre. Think Queens in a millennium version and we got a band that got all chances to make it really big! We got the chance to ask the band some questions and here it is…..
First of all I have I congrats you for an amazing new record. Holy cow, when I played the opening song that also is the title track I almost didn't believe what I heard, amazing. You must be really proud of the new record?

We're very proud of it. It's been amazing to have a such a postitive reaction to this album.

And it was quickly certified gold, in December. Where you nervous that it wouldn't do as well as the previous album "Masterpiece Theater"?

I'm always a little nervous when we put out a new album, single or video. We don't take our fans for granted and fortunately for us they don't seem to take our music for granted. It's a nice relationship.

Guess it was harder writing for this new record since the success with the predecessor. Was that something you could feel or do you work better under pressure would you say?

There is a little pressure for sure. Our fans seemed to like where we went with the last album and we hoped they would embrace us pushing the envelope a little more with this more conceptual album. It's forunate for us that Josh seems to work best in a pressure situation.

The new album "Ever After" is concept album about a queen called Carolina. How did you came up with that idea and can you tell a little about it?

The idea was more that the album could be like a soundtrack to a story. We figured a fairytale theme would work well. The story itself follows the basic idea of many fairy tales where the protagonist gets lost in a strange land and has to solve a problem and find their way home. It's like Alice In Wonderland or the Narnia stuff. It's fun having a theme like this to work with.

How would you compare to that also is "Masterpiece Theater" that also is a kind of concept album?

I think Masterpiece Theater was a clear step in the concept album direction when you look at where we came from with Fix Me. The idea with this one was to take it another step further. The storyline is one of the differences and to have no breaks between tracks is a clear dfference as well.

So now you have made 3 albums where debut was more straightforward rock. What made to go this more the artistic style that we have seen on the last two albums?

First of all you have to grow as a band and to a degree with what music is doing in general. Mostly though this was just a chance for Josh to push his writing to a new level and challenge himself.

There is some Queen vibes in your music and that I really love. Is that a band that has inspired you?

Queen is definitely and influence on our band.

This time you decided to produce it on your own and with a brilliant result. Was this to have more creative freedom than before?

To be honest we really just wanted to track the songs as they were being written so that they could be captured while they were at the freshest and most inspired point. As well, we wanted to get the album completed as quickly as possible and recording demos and then waiting to work around a producer's schedule would have slowed the process. We're really happy with the way things turned out.

How was that experience, harder that expected?

The writing of the album may have been harder. Having your own studio to go to and record music when inspiration strikes you probably made the recording part easier actually.

A question that I like to ask Canadian bands is about all cool artists that you got there. Very often you can hear that it's a Canadian band and not American one. Do you think that the music climate is different in your country in some way?

That's hard to say. There are cool bands from all over the world. There is an indie scene here for sure, but I have a feeling if you dig you can find that in most places.

And when comparing you and your neighbors a bit. What is goal for the market in the there? You have done really well in your home country, but is waiting for the big break in US.

You know we're going to be touring and working the US market as much as we can. Breaks are nice things, but if we get to play to enough people I think that we'll make solid progress building a strong US fanbase over the course of this album cycle.

Back to the album again. To me "Ever After" got two sides, where one is more progressive and the other is more radio friendly. And this without sounding like two different bands, which is really hard to avoid. Is this something wanted to create when you started writing? Did you have an idea in what type of record you wanted to release?

I don't think it was quite intended like that. The songs were written with the intention of finding the best version of themselves they could be. The order of the playlist was somewhat determined by what could work while keeping the "one piece of music" concept.

And when talking about the songs. How are you write? Do you do that all the time or do you prefer write after touring when you more time focus on that?

Most of the writing occurs while off tour. It's pretty tiring being on the road. You play and hear music every day and the brain is a little less creative.

My favorite ones are "Ever After" , "Porcelain" and "No Place Like Home" on the album, but it might be some tomorrow . What is your favorite ones?

For me (Mike) it's Ever After, Porcelain, Fallout, Desperate Measures and No Place Like Home.

So how does 2012 look for Marianas Trench? A lot of touring I guess, both national and international?

Yep. Lots of touring. We have Just completed a National tour of Canada. There will be more shows in Canada through the summer and we are likely going to headline our own arena tour at home in the fall. We also have a few US dates already posted and confirmed with a bunch more to come!

Are there any plans to any tour in Europe?

We'd love to. Nothing planned at this time. You never know though. We just had a show in Seoul that came about rather quickly so anything is possible.

Thanks for your time man, really appreciated. Any last words to the readers?

Thanks for the interview. We hope your readers give our album a chance. Keep an open mind. We tried to do something a little different and craft a complete album which seems to be a bit of a rarity these days.