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New Song Posted On!!


Ryan Star
Submitted by Emilio LV on 2008-09-24
New Song Posted On!!

From a Ryan Star newsletter:

"All we ever have is Right Now,
And all we’ll ever need is here, Right Now"

Hey everyone, I am currently in San Francisco getting ready for my upcoming album 11:59.

Getting ready to hit the road soon but didn´t want you to have to wait any longer to hear some music. Thanks for all of the support over the years. Here we are. The official starting line. Thanks for being here.

Check out the new video blog from I just put up and then listen to the world premiere of "Right Now", a new track off of the album, scheduled to be released in 2009.

See you all soon.
Live in the moment,



Melodic Net Comments 

Emilio LV
I was anxious to listen to a new song like this, but is it not a little risky when the album is at least 3 months from being released? Hope they really have a marketing strategy in Atlantic. It's essential for a "little" known artist like him (being in a major label).

And I forgot to write about the track... Holy freekin' moses! Yeah - as I said - the man rules.

amazing man. One of the best voices there is.

Kevin Chuck
Wow, I love this track... been listening to it all day. It's definitely a different sound than "Songs from the Eye of an Elephant", but it's already seeming like it'll be great just from the few new songs I've heard. Looking forward to the new LP.

Emilio LV
This one is closer to the best Stage, don't you think so?!? Yeahhh... this is the one wip!! ;)

Great tune, this album will be wicked technical modern rock. Different than expected, but a CLASSIC album for sure :)

Emilio LV
Hold on world! RSTAR's 11:59 is really coming... FINALLY!!! A song like 'Right Now' is what I needed to believe! MODERN ROCK!!!

Did you know that?

Formed in 2001, the group was originally known as "The Chiodos Bros," the band´s name was a tribute to filmmakers Stephen, Charles, and Edward Chiodo, responsible for the film Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Also, the band released their third studio album, "Illuminaudio" in 2010 and was the only studio album to feature Brandon Bolmer as lead vocalist instead of Craig Owens.

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