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Eagles Of Death Metal Ready To Show Off Their ´heart OnⴠNationwide!


Eagles of Death Metal
Submitted by Johan Wippsson on 2008-09-26 19:23:03
Eagles of Death Metal Ready To Show Off Their ´heart OnⴠNationwide!

Currently breaking hearts and bottles in the southwest, Eagles of Death Metal are getting ready to seduce the rest of the country. The band is in the midst of successful, co-headlining tour with The Hives, much to the delight of Texans, Californians, and Arizonians everywhere and to the disappointment of everywhere else-ians. But have no fear, rest of country - new tour dates have appeared! Eagles are ready to strike a city near you like a swift karate slap to the jugular. After unleashing ´Heart On´ to the masses, the courageous cast of characters will hit the open waters on the first headlining tour for the soaked-in-sexy new album.

The EODM formula for fantastic is humm...let´s see...that´s one part Jesse "Boots Electric" Hughes, one part Joshua "Babyduck" Homme. Stirred and served chillllled in a tall glass of class. It goes down smooth every time. Earlier this year, the two captains of the EODM starship left their underground lair 16 kilometers below the earth´s core to lay down a dozen new rumpshaking, rock hard rock tunes. The Dream Duo recorded in Burbank, Los Angeles, Boise, Fargo, and Amsterdam, and were joined by fellow magicians Miss Kat Von D, Brian "B.O.C." O´Connor, Darlin´ Dave Catching, Alain Johannes, Troy Van Leeuwen, Brody "Queen Bee" Dalle, and Kim "Koko Bubbles" Martinelli.

Look out for the album´s first single "Wanna Be In LA" - a tale that confirms the gospel of Boots Electric and Babyduck... that selling your soul for Rock n Roll is totally worth it.


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