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Steve Perry
Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2008-12-07
Steve Perry - New Best Of Album Out On Jan.13

Playlist, the very best of Steve Perry will be released on Jan.13th via Sony Legacy.
1. Oh Sherrie
2. I Believe
3. Go Away
4. Foolish Heart
5. She's Mine
6. Against The Wall
7. Summer Of Luv
8. Melody
9. You Better Wait
10. For The Love OF Strange Medicine
11. Missing You
12. Stand Up (Before It'S Too Late)
13. Strung Out
14. Don't Fight It


Melodic Net Comments 

My,My,My, Let me start out by saying,"Only the young don't stop believing in that Wheel in the Sky, because its so Faithfully real!! As for me, I'll be alright without you, because i'll take it anyway you want it, just ask the lonely. Who's crying now, since we went seperate ways and are worlds apart, but the lights still shine in the city by the bay. I wish I could love you, touch you, and squeeze you as you run into my open arms, cause this girl can't help it when you send her your love. Always be good to yourself, and remember, when you love this woman your alway's getting the best in return. I absolutely love your voice, steve perry!! and you have been blessed with a beautiful talent, and I appriciate your music. I would love to cover you with roses.

Sherry Kivo
I am like the lady who was driving down the street in her car and heard Steve for the first time. I did the same thing. Pulled over the care and set there thinking ~ Who is behind that FABULOUS VOICE? Randy Jackson ( A I judge ) used to play some with Journey. He knows Steve. Randy calls Steve " The Voice " Randy says Steve still has the voice. Steve Perry is a one time voice like he has. His voice just can make you cry, laugh and want to hug him. I love you Steve Perry! What a fox you were! Still are for that matter! Take care of your self . And may God bless you!

Mmmmm, interesting commments. Fact: Steve is the best rock singer ever. Fact: No one can ever fill his place in Journey, or anywhere else for that matter. However, does anyone feel the same way as I? I think the best songs ever sung by Steve came out of Journey, when the Schon / Cain / Perry songwriting trio just...... worked! These guys produced some of the purest, most beautiful songs ever written and with Steve at the front of the band they sounded magical. Steve is now hopefully releasing another solo album of original material (Has it been released? Have I missed a trick? Maybe, I have been busy with work the last few months) but his solo stuff just isn't up to the quality of music that Journey produced with Steve. Don't get me wrong, I love (some; Sherrie, Captured by the moment, You better wait etc) of it but some of it is not worthy to be graced by Steves voice. In a perfect world he would rejoin Journey and they would make the best Journey album, best rock album known to man and all live happily ever after, as would we listening to it! As that's not going to happen, I would love to see him just writing with Neal and Jon again. That way, even if he doesn't want to sing anymore we would still get the songs right? Let Arnel, or JSS or Steve Augeri sing them cause they're ok at trying to replicate Steves magic (and are obviously happy to try and be someone else rather than themselves). I know it will never happen but I go on daydreaming........

I have a brother that does'nt care for Journey or Steve do to the fact that his Ex wife enjoys that sound so much but started going out wih a Polish women she heard Open Arms he came to me for a copy of of my favorites and I guess different relationship changes people (They both enjoy the disc Imade them) Look forward to the new Album

I think Arnel is ok but when singing the older Journey songs It wasn't the same as Steve they should of just made the new album and not released the second it Wasn't the same Iheard it and thought he was off like so many of my friends thought also he wasn't able to sing certain songs (Most ) as effecive

Is it possible that he has sung these songs in the past year and not just a re-release?

diane pletcher
thank you steve ,you have awonderful voice and your music is special like you

god. If you guys are so obssesed with steve perry (and yes i do like him) you would know a long time ago from now, that he ALREADY DID RELEASE NEW SONGS.

kittymomma @HOTMAIL.COM

Suzybelle, I believe Steve did put out some 'solo stuff' Some good songs...check them out.

The first time I heard Steve Perry sing I was riding in my car. I pulled off the road and turned the radio up because I just had to focus on this amazing voice (I was a vocal student for 13 years so I know a good voice when I hear one). My question then and now still is: why did he sing in a band and not do just solo material? I think Steve has such an amazing voice he should have been a solo act - not that I didn't LOVE Journey - but he needed to do his own thing creatively. Jon Cain was amazing too but Steve's voice stands on its own. I hope the music for him hasn't died as it certainly hasn't for us.

Steve Perry is easily the best vocal talent I've ever heard. A huge point not to be missed though is what a talented songwriter he is. He was the main songwriter for Journey for the large majority of their songs with his name listed first in the credits. A notable exception is Jonathan Cain's 'Faithfully.' Neil Schon and Cain's talent should not be diminished as they no doubt were an important part of the magic that produced so many great songs. 'Raised On Radio,' which Steve produced, is just further proof of his talent. 'Trial By Fire,' the last Journey album Steve did with Journey, lacks some of the old magic however. Subsequent Journey albums, 'Arrival' and 'Revelation' without Perry do not match up to their previous work either. I do not know the songs on these last three very well as there is no "pull" to go back and listen to them over and over as I still do with their first six albums, starting with 'Infinity.' To me the songwriting is really what determines if I am going to enjoy it over and over. Cain and Schon are obviously very talented, but the absence of Steve Perry and the chemistry necessary to write exceptional songs, as they once did, is clearly evident.

Saint John
Steve Perry possessed the greatest voice in rock and live music history. That said, he has spent the better part of 20 years in denial that his voice isn't what it used to be. He has become a solitary loner whose main interests are releasing veiled promises of new music, the itch to sing again and other generally blatant lies. There will be new material released soon, but this guy's star has long since burned out. He gave up on the two things he can't survive without...Journey and Journey's fans.

Leah GLuchoff
Hoping that the rumors for an album of new material is true! But, Steve, we'll take podcasts, webcasts, videos, individual song downloads-whatever. Your voice in the late 90's only got more soulful, more lyrical, with more depth. Know that we would LOVE anything you put out now, because I'm sure it would showcase your maturity, your life experience, and your insight-and it would be guaranteed to be beautiful because you have never given your fans anything but your best work!

#1Perry Fan
All I can say is I miss Steve Perry as much as all of you & if we are true Perry fans then we"ll welcome anything he releases....whether it be old or new material. Steve if you read this...please know that I've been a fan of yours from the 1st note I heard. I miss you & do pray that you will bless us with new releases. If you decide to tour again you can be sure I will attend along with many of my friends & family members. Hugs & kisses from your #1 fans in Chicago, IL

Steve Perry must be doing something right to have so many loyal fans after all these years with only his past record to credit him. The expectation of hearing that magic voice again makes me want to never give up on him.

As a singer i know how voices can change with time. Please let me tell you all, That there is no way Steve's voice is gone. There are days when a person will slow down and not put a strain on vocal cords. But as far as the tone and octives itself, They just get better and better. You can bet on this... If he does make a new CD, It will be just as good as any Journey CD. Just remember this also.... When Steve joined Journey, The first album didn't have him on it. After he made his debut with Journey, He made the band. After that ... Most bands were trying to copy the trend that Steve made. (They just never had the voice to back it up) I'm really sure after all of these years, Steve has written material but never finished it or maybe as they say..... There's a time and place for everything. Although, I would love to hear a Christmas CD. Until then.... Steve Perry will always have my respect for him wanting to live his life. Enjoy it Steve if you read this. Thank you....

Perry Fan
For those that don't know, Steve is recording new music. I would look for it to come out sometime this year.

Like most people who like Steve Perry's music, I too would love to see him sing again, but I understand and respect his decision to lead a private quiet life. There is no doubt in my mind that his voice is as good as it ever was. He saw his dream come alive at an early age and toured with Journey for many years. Imagine what it would be like to have very little privacy not to mention how the tabloids always make some crap story up about a celebrity. I don't blame him for wanting to stay away from all of that. Just because he has not released any new music, doesn't mean that he is not working on another project. I bet he still stays pretty active in the music industry. Maybe he just might want to be able to go for a motorcycle ride, or enjoy spending time with friends and family without having to explain his every move to the public. He's a guy who loves music but probably would like to be able to lead a normal life. I say that we should enjoy the music that he has shared with all of us and let the guy live his life.

Well, it appears that I am one of the few fans who can respect Steve's choice to do what he wants with his life weather that means a new album or not. If he wants to live a quite life and not work anymore, it's his choice. He doesn't owe you people or anyone else anything. Let him be, and be grateful for the wonderful songs he has created.

Steve Perry, I'm 40 years old now but in 1981, you were my first crush, infatuation & love of music. You filled so many parts of me with your soul. I will be reborn again if you give this world the delight of your heavenly voice again! I fell in love with you & never fell out. I never had a tattoo & never thought of getting one but I'm tempted of getting one of your beautiful face. (My husband of 18 years, may get upset because he has my name on his arm but he'll have to deal with it!) I love you, forever more!

Nicki Di B -
OMG!!!! Stop whinging you lot!!! Steve Perry rocks, !!!! I'm just glad he's keepin in touch with music, his voice is still stronger than any of these computerized modern crap vocalists who couldn't do a live gig without lip singing!!! He will always be a legend in our family even my 16 and 13 year olds appreciate him and Journey of course!!

Elizabeth Meece
My ever loving Steve...I will wait however long it takes until something new comes.It's only because we love you that we want to hear from you.I have your words from the song "Trail by Fire" tattooed on my back so I have a little bit of your poetry everyday.We're still here and we love you!!!

Oh Carmen, that will bring him back....NOT!

Passive/Agressive does not work for me, I hate it. Steve Perry should do one of two things. (1) announce he is retired and be grateful for the few die-hard fans he still has who are content to listen to his old stuff. (2) Seek psychiatric help for his fear of aging, his changing voice and his shortness and do what he was gifted at, sing a F**CKING song before he is 70 and no one gives a damn!!! Aquairus men can be such whiny crybabies. For heaven's sake, stop being insecure how you will look. You're an older man, with a mature voice, deal with that! Hey, giving up is a punk's way out. DON'T BE A PUNK!!

for brian, the new material rumour came from "randy jackson" he said recently steve is working on "hot new stuff" just google randys website to read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken Huffman
i don't know if Mr. Perry's voice is shot or not.......but this latest compilation of his old solo stuff isn't going to make me purchase this new reincarnation. Either cut us a new album or announce your retirement from singing.....until then I and my kids will be more than happy to listen and purchase the latest Journey materials with Arnel Paneda...who really can sing his ass off....a tenor with talent and ability to evoke the Journey of the past and the Journey of the furture. The best show I ever saw was Journey in Tacoma Dome (Washington State in 83) ...we heard Steve at his best...except when some bone head threw and struck lead guitarist in the head. Steve almost closed the show. As you can see...I am a Journey Fan..from the first lead vocalist, to Steve and finally now with Arnel. Face it folks.....Steve Perry is no longer interrested in performing....or as other say his voice is too shot to bring back "The Voice" we all grew to accept and love since 19776/77. Peace.

Perry's voice is GONE, face it people, you'll never hear him do another thing again. Stick a fork in him. HE'S DONE..............

Greatest hits again. Where is the new material - you keep stating you have new material why don't you record it.

Need to hear some new material. Are you afraid of touring?, we will buy the new stuff without a tour. Just want to hear your voice again. Christmas album would be wonderful Drummer Boy, White Christmas, etc. Steve your killing me!!!!

suzy mobley
oh steve, you must have approved this, you know the fans are waiting for a new album, and you have three new ones under your belt waiting to be released. where are they? you know they would be million sellers.

I'd like to know where the "new material" rumor came from. This sucks.

Being an Steve Perry's fan, i think that this compilation doesn't need at all. All of us know and we were hopeful waiting for a new album of Steve. This news is very disappointed. sorry

yeah i thought there was going to be new material too...

Well something is better than nothing, but yeah where is the new material?

Wheres his new material???????

Please let it be true! I think with so many people struggling these days it's natural to think of better times in the past and the journey days were far better times for me too.