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New John Elefante album in 2009, the man is rocking again!


John Elefante
Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2009-02-10
New John Elefante album in 2009, the man is rocking again!

Former Kansas singer John Elefante will release a new solo album in 2009, this time John is rocking just like in the Mastedon days. thinks this is more than good news!

Listen to the new clips here:


Melodic Net Comments 

Mind Freak
It's about time!!!! I love this guys music.. and the mastedon's are 2 of my all fave albums of all time. I was floored when I found out a new one was being made. The world is a better place when John Elefante is making music. Hopefully we won't have to wait so long next time.

Brent in Canada
Can't wait for this one. Mastedon's Lofcaudio and Its a Jungle Out There are both critically acclaimed for both their lyical, vocal and musical quality. They are must have's and both are available on iTunes!

At last!The Man with the voice from heaven is back!!!Sounds awesome...Truly good news.

Did you know that?

A friend once said "What a Motley looking Crew" - Motley meaning "of great variety" and once describing the appearance of a court jester. The re-spelling of Motley Crue was their own invention; and said to have came to them while they were partying & drinking Lowenbrau beer.

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