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The Juliana Theory
Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2005-05-27
Studio update from The Juliana Theory

Want some studio update from The Juliana Theory?!,well here it is:
"The infamous studio diary is BACK! Risen from the grave, emerging from the tomb, the studio diary is here to brighten or darken your day (depending upon your frame of mind). We come to you today again from the City of Angels. I?m here by myself this time. I?m at an undisclosed studio that used to be a lighthouse. They?ve got a vocal booth in what used to be the light apparatus.
They also have parking spaces reserved for Nigel Tufnel. That?s pretty dope. We are currently mixing our record with our friend Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Bad Religion, Rancid, etc). Today is day one of the mix sessions, and we have started with the album closer. Working our way backwards I guess.
The song is atypical as a TJT closing number. Or maybe it isn?t. I like to think of the song as a lullaby for the earth. It may or may not be called ?I Love You to Death.? It may or may not be called ?Drive Safe.? It may or may not be called ?People in Stone Houses Shouldn?t Throw Glass.? It may be 23 minutes long, but it probably isn?t. I?m having continuous d?j? vu in the control room. How could I not be?
Joe leaves one scene from the movie ?From Dusk ?Til Dawn? on repeat the entire day. He is in love with Salma Hayek. I?m reminded of a merch box that used to live in our old van. It took up way too much of our space and was known as ?the lapdog of Satan.? I want to spill my guts here about this record. I want to tell everyone when it is coming out. I am pretty certain that we have a date, but I can?t say just yet. If I tell you a date, and then it changes, I will look like a villain.
I swear we will be making a rather large announcement very, very soon. Stay tuned."


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