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Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2006-09-11
Clyde Holly of Biloxi is no longer with us

It?s very sad to hear that vocalist and founder of the great AOR band Biloxi, Clyde Holly died in his sleep on Sept.10th.
This is from their website:

"It is with utter shock, disbelief, and sadness that I must report that my friend Clyde Holly passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early morning hours of September 10, 2006. It is unknown at this time the exact cause of his death. Clyde leaves behind his wife Rachel, two step sons Peter and Jacob, his sister Denise, his band mates Rob, Mark, Dave, and Stefan, and an untold number of friends and fans.

For those who wish to express their condolences, you may do so through this email" -


Melodic Net Comments 

Rick Roark
I met Clyde in the late eighties in Los Angeles, Ca. We reheased with our separate bands in the same warehouse -played the same clubs on Sunset Strip and appeared in the same music magazines. We cheered each other on alot and earnestly appreciated each others talents. I have always respected Clyde and loved his upbeat attitude. We both were singers and had a bond because of that shared interest. I was saddened to learn of his death and just wanted people to know what a stand up guy he was and how many lives he touched in a positive way. Everyone in Hollywood respected Clyde - regardless of any derrogatory comments that I've seen on this post site. Rest in peace Clyde.

Concientious Objector. Please look up the term "Concientious " and then read the definition of the term. There are others in the world that are imperfect as well (YES.. including you and including me). You cannot see the hearts of others, neither can I. So therefore, have some respect for others who feel pain for loss and apply the definition of what you should now know about the term "Concientious " and apply it to how you should be toward others who feel pain and loss. IN SHORT... GET A LIFE!!!

Norma Stearns Holloman
I am so proud to still have Clyde's originals on "Let The Games Begin" and "Right The Music"......the others are gone. "Somewhere In The Night" was written about me and of course the remake of "Mississippi Queen" had it's special reasons as well, even years later he showed up at my dad's country club to show him he made it after all, we had run into each other years later.........after we had to be apart, and the rest is history. He showed me the best years of my life when we were always ending up together throughout the years.....hope you are in heaven, baby.

There, not (their) have been spiritual moments.........spelling buff.

Norma Stearns Holloman
It is hard to explain to everyone I know or have not met concerning the history of my sweet loving virgin husband and I when we met and loved one another until his death a year ago on September 10, 2006. I stayed out of the way of the media and the last of his wives to give my son a chance to be noticed, but I sincerely appreciate all of my old friends from the past calling and offering their services to help me get to the funeral, etc. I also love and appreciate my old friends that are still precious to me that I did not get to see due to my lack of attending the ceremonies. I did speak very personally to Denise and let her know how much all of his family meant to me, although at a very young age, the pain is still tremendous, not really knowing all the answers I want to know, still unrevealed...... Their have been spiritual moments and very very sad days for me as I ponder the half truths I have heard and I will find out the real truths about the way my husband died before I will rest. I will die trying, as I lay low all this time, in deep despair, beyond belief, my first love is gone, but it is imperative to understand exactly what the report showed in the end result. I must know for my eternal spiritual sake to know where he is now due to the circumstances of his death. I know he loved me, and I always loved him as well.........he told me so. The truth will be revealed, and all good things come to those who wait........I treat others like I want to be treated, so I know I will gain closure in this matter.

I wanted to post here, becuase I had made a previous post that came out much differently than I had wanted. Rather than make the point I had intended, I ended up venting some negative thoughts that pale in comparison to the pain that Clyde's family and friends must feel. So, sorry that happened, and I hope that Clyde's friends and family are doing well.

a concientious objector.
Trolling, isn´t that the same word they use when Richard Scott hits the playgrounds looking for a date? You know who else can´t defend themselves...pregnant women. Clyde didn´t consider that when he raised his fist to one though did he? Guess anyone can be a hero once they are dead, how much harder to be a decent human being while still accountable for your actions
2007-05-18 23:12:22

Clyde died but was it ..............

Richard Scott
It amazes me that Internet trolling has come to the extent that people no longer abide by the simple concept, "don?t speak ill of the dead". To think you can say something negative of the departed, then wish his loved ones condolences and be taken seriously is sick. Sorry you think you got the short end of a deal but Clyde isn?t here to defend himself. ALL you accomplish is to hurt his family; why do you want to do that? What did they do to you? Anonymous flak on the Internet toward a deceased man, very classy...

I was shocked to see the news that Clyde had died. I knew him only briefly - we met through an eBay transaction. I admit that I was very unhappy with the the way that transaction happened, and carried some anger about that for a long time. Regardless of my feeling on that matter, I wish his family strength and good memories at this time. It appears he was a person who made big spashes in people?s lives - some good, some not so good. I hope that he is at rest now, and the others can remember him and heal from any troubles in the past.

Tori Daniels Monthei
Clyde recorded some of my past CDs at Hollyhouse. He and Marnie helped me with a photo shoot..Clyde let me borrow is prized guitars..He was a tremendous talent and a wonderful friend. I saw him about 2 yrs ago on the coast..He hadn?t changed a bit. :) Rest in peace, Clyde...You?ll be greatly missed...

Daniel Kelley
Clyde was a really nice guy and a good musicain.I was soory to hear the news.Hey Richard I?m really sorry man for my behavior the last I saw you. Thanks for trying to help me. You have a big heart.

Clyde, We haven?t spoken in about a year; our last conversation didn?t end well, a fact which I regret. My friend, I?ve had good reason to love and hate you, but you have always a special place in my heart. Of course you?d pretty much guaranteed that didn?t you? To me you were neither saint nor villain, only a man whose humor and charm made it difficult to hold a grudge for very long. Years ago you told me that you were married to music and no other could come before that. I?m glad you had a chance to experience the love and joy that only a wife and children can provide.


Andy Campos
My heart goes out to all of Clydes family and friends.I could not believe the news of Clydes abrupt passing.I met Clyde through my brother Jerry,when Clyde lived in Santa Monica,Ca. Clyde was a very gifted vocalist,songwriter, and musician.I truly believed in his vision for the band...Clyde, may you rest in peace, and as one of your songs says so fittingly, ?I?LL MEET YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE?

Jerry Campos
My deepest sympathies go out to Clyde?s family & friends. We use to hang out together when he lived in Santa Monica, CA. We sure had a lot of laughs together. Boy, was he funny! I had the honor of playing lead guitar on some of Biloxi?s early recordings. What a true gifting Clyde had. We lost touch with each other and I regret not contacting him for so long. I guess this is good testimony to reach out to old friends. are and were missed. Richard - How are you man! Do you remember me? I?d love to hear from you!

To that girl Why are you so concerned about Clydes son Jacob He has a wife of 11yrs and they are very happy they have a lot of friends around them Jacob wants to be a good musician just as his dad was but they are two seperate different people. Clyde has gone on , please do not try to be a part of Jacobs life because you will just screw it up for him he doesnt need it .Thank you

Jimmy Toucey
I?m sorry to hear the terrible news. My sympathies go out to his family, especially Denise. I was part of Biloxi (phase 1 & 2). I played keyboards and sang backups in the original line-up, then went to drums after a couple of years. Clyde didn?t mention much about the early Biloxi members in his interviews. We co-wrote some good songs together. "Magic", " Out Too Late", "Don?t Cry No More", etc. We didn?t speak much over the last 12 years but I have many good memories of my years with Clyde in Biloxi. Old friends can email me at

he made MANY PEOPLE happy including me. I?ll miss you,clyde.

from that girl
(Hope let me type all..this time..) should be proud of your dad who made MANY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ( <<

....from that girl...
>>>.....This is for Clyde?s son ..... I am concerned about you .....No matter what other people may say ( I?m so so sorry about LIL), you should be proud of your dad who made MANY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ( <<

....that girl
Hello everyone......, ........I am so upset to know about what this stupid woman Lilly wrote about Clyde Holly ............because I am the girl she was talking about...(...I feel that my privacy was heart aches...It is not nice at all to tell something bad about anyone who passed away...) Can anyone delete tha message...? Please...It is not nice at all.... ..... I will try to say a few things here though my time here is limited and I am not supposed to do internet........I was so shocked and cried all night when I heard the sad news - "Clyde passed away"...... I questioned why....I still love Clyde very much though my heart was broken into pieces, and I wanted to die in the past. .... ..I always carry these scars for the rest of my life....and I have to say that I have been so sick for a long time that I couldn?t attend his funeral, but I wanted to do so much....I?m sick, but I have nice carers, doctors and people with me ( I don?t have a family & I don?t have a home.)...I want to get better and want to listen to his music again, or play his songs someday though I am a terrible player.... ( it?s too much for me right now to do so. it makes me so sad. I just can?t stop crying. People always ask me why I?m crying.) Clyde?s music is the thing I always carry wherever I have to go..... Clyde Holly?s wife, family and band members must be having a hard time after he passed away....because they lost the great guy....Why he had to leave ......? There are so many loving people around him... >>>.....This is for Clyde?s son ..... I am concerned about you .....No matter what other people may say ( I?m so so sorry about LIL), you should be proud of your dad who made MANY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ( <<

I would like you all to know I?m sorry if I didn?t take the high road on some things I may have said ,but thats what Clyde would have done .....I myself will take all the positives I gained from my boy and hope to be as strong as him . I want all of us to hold our heads up and keep a smile on our faces because thats how Clyde would have it . Thank you friends ...because god knows how many friends Clyde had.........lets all be positive LOVE YA?LL

Mark, you have the heart of a lion. Clyde loved you, man, as a brother and an artist. You made him so happy joning the band. I didn?t want you to even hear about this POS, y?all didn?t deserve the extra pain. I had to talk to Peter because I flt he would know who it was, and to Chris because he knows how the Interweb works re: tracking, but I didn?t want anyone who hadn?t already seen this to feel the pain and anger I felt when I read it. And Peter, again, thank you. I knew I could count on you, and thank you for considering me family, I certainly feel the same about you and all the Biloxi guys as well. Love and light will always prevail, our dear Clyde taught us that in the way he lived and treated us all!

James Blair
Clyde was one of the best people I knew. I feel fortunate to have known him. I got to have one last lunch with him back in January. After that we hung out in his studio for a few hours. I new Clyde for many years and he will be greatly missed. He was always smiling. I miss you brother.


Peter F. Murphy, Jr.
It suddenly occurred to me when I was reading through these comments again that I forgot to mention a few very important things. I am eternally grateful and indebted to Clyde because if it was not for him my mother Rachael and little brother Jacob may not even be alive today. It was thanks to him and only him that they were able to survive Katrina (I know this for an indisputable fact). He heroically put their lives before his (and before his guitars for those of you pitiful morons who have been grossly misinformed). Every time I speak to my mom and brother I will be reminded of his selfless act and unconditional love for them. I will never forget when he looked me straight in the eye and said that he would have gladly given his life to save theirs. I believe that it was meant to be and that he was, and still is, their guardian angel. I am greatly saddened that members of my own family have spoken ill of him on this page and I hope that they will eventually see the error of their ways. Until then I hope everyone will accept my apologies for their slanderous treatment of him and his memory. Needless to say that Clyde and my memories of him will always be closer to my heart than those people ever will. Thank you and God bless you Clyde.

Mark Allen Lanoue
To the man with an obvious mind of an 8 year old - AKA Bobby Stenrick. Since you have not a bone in your body to reveal yourself and that you are obviously stricken with ENVY for a talent that you couldn?t possibly match or come close too, all I can say to you man is put on the lipstick and kiss my bottom end. Clyde was like a brother to me and he was one of the most talented and kind individuals I have ever had the opportunity to know and work with. That is coming from someone who has worked, written, and recorded with some of the best names in the business. What is your record breaking background that warrants you the judge of his amazing talent? Anyway dude.. GET A FREAKIN? LIFE! Mark Allen Lanoue Clyde?s Friend and Lead Guitarist - BILOXI

Peter, God bless you and bravo! You are an extraordinary young man and I was so proud of you when I read your post. Clyde would be proud and grateful for your friendship and loyalty, and I am too, very much so. Something told me you would deduce who this troll was, I could tell he was dropping clues, but that I couldn?t interpret them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Deepest Regards, Richard

Peter F. Murphy, Jr.
I had the honor and privilege of being Clyde?s stepson for nearly two years. Plain and simple, this guy was good, loving, and positive -incredibly positive- and cared deeply for his wife, his son, his stepsons, and the rest of the family, including my sisters. We all know how great a man Clyde was, based on the comments posted here. I mean, the guy had (has) more friends than anyone I have ever known. His family and friends will always be my family and friends (Richard, Jacob, Dawn, Denise and her kids, Charlie and his kids, the band(s), even Dr. Bob from Z95.3, etc... :-D). I know we?re all devastated from his death, but Clyde wouldn?t want us to mourn him, but to celebrate him (and have fun while doing it!). He was so happy and content when he died and it makes me feel better to know that. We?re all better people because of him and we should try to love impartially like he did and be as loved as he is. I?m sure when we see him again he?s gonna be in the biggest hair band in heaven, still playing that SG. God bless you Clyde and we love and miss you. Rest in peace my friend, my brother. Now some housekeeping: Some feel the need to spinelessly slander such a great person for reasons unknown to me. You have given me several clues to your true identity such as (naming just a few): apparent knowledge -or more aptly, your misunderstanding - of private family issues, grasp of grammar, vocabulary and punctuation, the date submitted, the inclination to use a very obviously fake name, and largely the fact that you essentially revealed that you did not know Clyde very well, because quite frankly you don?t know what the hell you?re talking about . Clyde offered his love to everyone and it wasn?t his fault if they rejected it. I tell you only this - I have a very good idea whom you are, and believe me I?m not just saying that to intimidate. (hint, hint: you?re part of the family, but not necessarily blood-related to me... also, we will probably be seeing a lot more of each other in months to come for reasons unrelated to this). A little too close for comfort? My hope is that you will show that you have a pair and recant your B.S. I thought you were above this. How would you feel if your wife, mother, father, or heaven forbid your child, died suddenly and some shit head like you came along and wrote something like that. I expect that you won?t comply with my request because of your "jellyfish-like" nature, or you?ll spew out some more of this Bobby Stenrick crap. You should be thankful that I don?t type your name and address in Caps right here on this page (I actually have some decency). Anyway I now know who you really are. Never ask me for anything again. (PS - your family members that are, shall we say, closer to me than they are to you, literally and figuratively, would be appalled if they knew what a cold-hearted jerk you are)

Dawn Strohm
Lily Z I know who you are

Lily Z Jacob loves his wife Dawn very much she is his whole life and they love their cats that is their family They have been married for 11yrs. I have yet to tell him about what you wrote about his dad I can just about imagine the words that will come out of his mouth

Jacob Strohm Hollomen
To a name Clyde was my dad You know my name so why are you so chicken shit that you cant even give your name out If you really believe in what you are saying you wouldnt be hiding behind a false name Are you afraid that someones going to beat the ???????????????????????? out of you Hey step up and be a man

Richard I was pleased to meet you at Clydes wake and funeral I wish it had been under better circumstances You are avery kind Richard I was very pleased to meet you I wish it had been under better circumstances You are a very sweet kind man with a big heart and I hope you can make memories with big Jacob as you did with his dad If you have any messages that you want to send to Jacob that are more private than this website you can send them to my e mail address because the computer that they have is not working right now Thank you for caring so much we love you Veronica Jacob Dawn

Hey, Joe (Rolison) and Billy (Harshbarger) seems that we?re all three like-minded, aren?t we?...even after all these years...I knew there was something about you both that I always called accurate perception. I?m teaching voice and piano at Pinkston?s Tues-Thurs 3:30 til 7...y?all both pop in to see me...miss you, love you...Losing Clyde compels me to tell y?all that...and I?ll be telling everyone more often...I feel like I can?t say it is fragile and short.... Clyde always lectured me about smoking...cuz he cared...I still smoke and he?s gone...guess I?m too blonde to process this.

I would like very much to start by saying Clyde was my brotherin and he will always have a place in my heart . Clyde lived with me for a time but he will live with me always..........This world we live in will be missed by a Clyde Holly....for all the haters that would like to bash my brother ..may you lick me where i shit ......because you do not know the person I DO!!! He was a GIVER and was NEVER a taker....I?m honored to say he was my friend and my brother was one of the hardest things i?ve ever had to witness all my other brotherin have to feel the pain we all upmost sorrow to his wife and his family ..........we were all so lucky to have him in our lives.....i love ya bro.......your friend the billster

Richard Scott
Clyde can?t be hurt by this basher with multiple false names. He is beyond this person?s reach. He/she can only hurt those who cared about Clyde, which shows his/her true colors. This person is contemptible. It?s also worth noting that the Internet is not as anonymous as you think it is. Someone too cowardly to even use his/her real name should consider that fact.

joe rolison
i met cylde in the later 70s while i was workin in amusic store he was just a teen impressive ready and had an idea where he was headed in music i had been playin for about 14 years on the coast at this time he had a feel for that 70s sound doin frampton licks on the guitars hangin on the wall i would laugh and say lets do aliitle allman bros and one way out would come out of that 50 watt marshall and he would grin from ear to ear his work as a guitarist bassit producer and writer will always be in my memory the red haired kid ready to rock his ass off will be all the the clyde i will remeber miss you dude see you at the big show in the sky with soul joe rolison

Lilly Z
I believe Clyde was punished by God. I?m very sorry for his sister Denise. How many wives and lovers did he had? I know he was such a con and a liar. I know one girl?s life was totally destroyed because of him. She knew him for more than ten years. He told her he wanted to marry her and have kids with her. He dumped her after she did everything for him. She lost everything and she had nowhere to go. The girl attempted suicide twice and her last suicide attempt sent her to a mental institution. Poor girl....She looked very sad. I hope Jacob won?t become a person like his father. Lilly Z

This page was not intended to be a knock down drag out fight between people who loved Clyde and people who didnt as my dad used to say if you cant say something nice about someone then dont say it at all. To Bobbie snr? your kid may be good with words but he aint that good

a name
to fritzi, Zero is spelled with a Z, heroes are the ones who rescued people from the twin towers or stayed to evacuate the infirm and elderly from Katrina?s wrath People who got drunk while the hurricane approached and when the time came to run did just that with a guitar under each arm, leaving their new wife and step-son to avoid a falling ceiling. Just so you keep a certain perspective.

mr. brightside
or you could move to a place where free speech is a dream rather than a reality. Everyone is entitiled to their opinion. Maybe you should start You won?t see any haters there, except haters of honesty and children

Marnie Morgan
What is wrong with you people? I have never seen such disrespect before in my life. Think about the people you are hurting. There are more mourners than haters in this world for Clyde. Maybe you guys should start your own blog and leave this one to the people who loved and cherished him. Shame on you!

I will never miss him

To Robert Stenrick Sr.: I suggest you teach Robert Stenrick Jr. to show respect for the dead. His insensitivity reflects directly on you and if you really let an 8-year-old post that on the Internet I wonder what else he?s posting and where. And I know enough of the situation to comprehend what was needful. You fool no one. Again, teach your son some circumspection, it will serve him well in life.

Brook Hansen
I cannot even say enough about one of the greatest Vocalist?s,Producer,writer engineer,Father Husband,i talked to Clyde the night before Sept 9th were were gonna do a pop prog cover band of all of the music?s that we love so much Journey,Styx,Kansas,Boston all the stuff that no one else could sing but Clyde. He was the Original singer for my Band "HUNTER" in 1986 I was one of the first people he met In L.A. we had many many great time?s together and even this year hung out with him and Rachel here in Nashvile at the Guitar show and Visited them in Biloxi and we cruised around in his Hummer and he let me ride his new motercycle which was an incredible thrill. That dude was the most giving loving generous man i have ever met The time in New Orleans with Marnie at Crazy?s Jonnys i could go on forever and Clyde?s sprit will go on forever, He always wanted to rerecord the song that was the song i auditioned him on in 1986 so in his honer i will quote the bridge which he absolutly smoked what a voice. The song was called Forever Flying High. Fly Fly with the free wind Fly high as If to begin again and we?ll never make it alone so baby come and take me away and well ride on into the night and let our love light the way. Clyde" i ?ll meet you on the other side" Biloxi

Marnie Morgan
Samantha, I would love to give you some pictures of Clyde, but unfortunatley, when we divorced in 2004 I brought just about everything from our married life to Los Angeles and it is sitting in a garage in West Hollywood right now. I can?t get to any of the pictures of him. All I have are a couple of wedding photos that I can?t part with. I will try to make copies of them, but those are the only pictures I have of Clyde.

Samantha Ladnier
Marnie - Thank you for responding for us all that is not going to take the bashing in Clyde?s name. Hello from Greg & myself. As someone stated before that Clyde was a supporter to anyone that played music. Clyde always tried to get Greg to get a band together here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I hope this will give Greg the inspiration to get a band together again because of Clyde supporting him. Marnie- If you could get us some pictures of Clyde we would appreciate it. We will see you at the services.

Marnie Morgan
This is in response to Robert...if you "feel differently" about Clyde, this message board is not the place for you or your son to express your feelings. This board is for people to remember and reflect Clyde in a respectful way, not a blog for bashing people. Please keep your negative comments to yourself and respect the people who are in mourning over the loss of this wonderful and loving man.

Robert Stenrick Sr
To all of you who felt the need to angrily bash my son on this post, don?t you have anything better to do? A man who seems to have meant a lot to all of you has passed, and you all seem to want to spend all your energy taking an 8 year old child to task. While I don?t approve of the way he expressed his feelings, I have to stand up for his right to voice his opinion. He is 8, he has a great vocabulary for his age, and if he saw what was written about him by ADULTS no less, he would probably be in tears. I?m sorry to take up more precious space on this memorial page to Clyde to deal with this nonsense, but its evident that different people....FEEL DIFFERENTLY about this man. Get over it. To all of Clyde?s family, mentioned and unmentioned, my condolences for your loss. To those who defended him, you are good friends indeed. Sidenote, to Richard who made the innappropriate comments about Rachel?s daughters, don?t speak of what you have not the capacity to comprehend...

Marnie Morgan
Mike! My friends and I were trying to figure out how to get ahold of you. I am so happy to see your kind words about our Clyde. I hope you are doing well, and as Richard said, go onto We can PM there. Thanks Clyde for introducing me to such wonderful people throughout the years!

MIKE!! It?s Richard! I have lost your digits and am back in Mississippi now. If you?d join the forum at and PM me there I?d love to talk to you. My username is Lerxstcat there and at the Metal sludge boards as well. And if you?re still in touch with Jimmy Toucey please let him know. I was at a show he did with his duo partner Saturday night, left him at the studio at about 3AM. He was incredible as always, but you know that! Please get in touch... Rich

Mike Brunner
I am deeply saddened to learn of Clyde?s untimely passing. He was a good guy with a big heart. I have many fond memories of him and can?t believe this has happened. I send my condolences to his family and friends for this great loss. His spirit touched many and will live on forever. Deepest regards....Mike Brunner (Biloxi guitarist from 1990 through 1992)

"Cryde Horry"...we used to tease him when he came back from Japan...that?s what they all called him there. It became my personal greeting for him and as recently as last week I had the opportunity to use it. Friends since the ?80?s, he was more a brother than a friend. I was in the Mississippi Queen video that was filmed at the Biloxi Belle and the Coliseum. We put on several shows together and supported each other on our individual projects. We argued like siblings...and we loved like siblings and I thank God for letting me know him. Clyde once said, "Fritzi, I?m glad I moved home." I agreed affirmatively...and then he said, "Cuz what this place really needed was a hero". Yes, a tinge of, but it?s a true hero that brings people to their own greatness...and he tried...Lord, how he help Mississippi Coast musicians realize their potential. I love my bubba.

I loved that picture, Veronica! The smile on Clyde?s face, the pride for his son in that smile, is heartwarming. I can see it in his eyes in that pic. It reminds me of the day I met adult Jacob, at the old CS shop, which was moving to the new location. Just a couple of weeks before Katrina. Jacob got out of his car and I saw Clyde of 20 years ago! We got to spend a little time together over the next few days in between all the moving and I formally told him that as Clyde was my brother, that made him my nephew in my book! It was the first time I?d seen him since he was a baby and I had to look up to look him in the eye! He is such a sweet kid, just like his dad!

Last night on WLOX they did a segment on Clyde with his band and family the very last photo showed big Jacob with his head on his dads shoulder he was so happy a big smile on his face its a heartbreaker he hasnt seen it yet they dont have cable but I made a copy for them God bless you Clyde we all love you and miss you we just didnt know you would be leaving so soon Norma call me when you have a few minutes I know you are having a hard time right now

To bobby.......age 8...... I dont think so. that letter was not put together by an 8yr. old kid If it is your real name someone else coached you and used you to get their message out stay out of it and go play with your toys

Samantha Ladnier
Shock yes, emotions raw yes, upset, & not thinking straight yes. I do remember Clyde saying he had two Jacobs. Sorry for leaving that out. Clyde well last night I had printed this out for Greg to read. His emotions was sad due to reading all the wonderful things people had to say about you. Then Greg started laughing. I thought nothing on the pages was laughing "funny". Of course Greg pointed out to me that I spelled your name wrong time and time again. Greg said you are in heaven laughing your butt off at me. Well that was the first time for either of us had something to smile about much less laugh at something since Rachel told us that we all lost you to the heaven above. Again it goes to say that we are not in our right state of mind losing such a good friend. Clyde we love you. As far as the comments from Bobby Stenrick Age 8. Get real no kid uses words "fails to mention - the fact - failed to recognise - average". That was an adult who wrote that. Sounds like a jealous ex if I ever heard one. Sorry you have so much anger built up that you had to say something about a man that is no longer here. There is always two sides to a story and Clyde is not here to tell us his. Your identity was fake and so is your statement. Also, Greg & I would like to have some pictures of Clyde if anybody is willing to make copies. It would be greatly appricated.

To Veronica Quinn, No slight was meant towards Jacob Strohm, it?s only that one of Clyde?s stepsons is also named Jacob and so some didn?t realize there were 2 Jacobs. That info has been corrected if you look at the site again. Both Jacobs are wonderful kids! This has been chaotic and thanks for underrstanding people are working in a state of shock.

Richard Scott
Sarah and Marnie, thank you for coming to Clyde?s defense. I don?t know who Bobby is, but I know the background about Rachael?s daughters and Clyde protected Rachael from daughters who were abusive of her. He tried to reach out to them but they were used to treating their mother badly and didn?t like him putting a stop to that. He DID put a stop to it which is why they?re bitter. Everyone in their circle of family and friends knows that he did what was right. And anyone who would sling mud at this time says more about the mudslinger than anything else. Bobby Stenrick, will even your mother grieve at your passing? You won?t get the outpouring of love that Clyde is, I am very sure of that. You are lower than low for lying about a sweet and decent man.

Kathy Lizana
I have many fond memories of Clyde he could always make you laugh who could forget that curly red hair and funny smile. I remember him as a friend and husband to my best friend Norma and father to Jacob Holloman. He loved music and he loved Jacob very much what a blessing and a gift that they got the chance to rediscover each other. To you Jacob may you become stronger through the spirit of your father.

Visitation: 5 to 9 p.m., Friday, September 15, 2006 at Riemann Funeral Home, 274 Beauvoir Road in Biloxi; and again on Saturday from 11 a.m. until the funeral service at 2 p.m. Interment will be at Wiggins City Cemetery.

alex rogers
i first met clyde around 10 years ago. in that time i?ve gotten to know him as a producer, a musician, but mainly as a friend. his vast musical knowledge was invaluble to my bands. i can say i learned alot from clyde. his enthusiasm for music specifically gulf coast music was unmatched. there will be a big void where he used to be. my condolences to his family and friends. we miss you already.

andrea jones
For me, Clyde was one of those people you could always expect a smile from. He was also one of those people who never had a negative thing to say about anyone. That is rare these days. He will be missed.

Norma Stearns
Clyde and I were each other?s first love and shared a beautiful son, Jacob Ian Holloman together. He is the most affectionate, loving, and kind hearted son anyone could have chosen as a gift from God. Even after his death, his music and spirit will carry on through Jacob.

Norma Stearns
As Clyde and I were each other?s first love, we shared a beautiful son, Jacob Ian Holloman. He has been the most affectionate, loving, and kind hearted son anyone could have chosen as a gift from God. Our connection, even after death, will live on forever in his music and spirit lives on through our precious son.

This comment is for Bobby who has written such horrible things. I am the girlfriend of Peter (one of Clyde?s stepsons) and I have known Clyde since before he married Rachael. Clyde was a wonderful man. He was always upbeat and if you were having a bad day he always made you feel better. He was a good stepfather to Peter and Jacob and a good father and friend to his son Jacob. He would do anything for anyone. He liked to make people feel good and he found a way to do that through music. I never saw him get mad at anyone. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Jacob Strohm
Clyde was my dad because of my family I had to grow up without him being around but in the past year we spent time together and I feel empty now I do what my dad did play music Clyde was about 16 when he was married to my mom and I have photos of him holding me and being a dad I love you dad

Greg & Samantha Ladnier
Claude, I am so glad that you had called Greg Saturday morning (Sept 9, 2006) to invite us to watch you play that night. Of course if we only knew that was the last time we would have ever seen you again we would have said so much more. Claude, you were a great friend you will never be replaced or forgotten. You and Greg had so much in common with the love for music. I admired you for the way you spoke so highly of your wife Rachel and the boys (Peter and Jacob). Rachel, we did have a lot of fun being you all at the bar & grill that September 9th through the early hours of September 10th.I know you have lost greatly losing such a wonderful, thoughtful, & giving man. I am deeply sorry that he is gone and without a good-bye. Greg and I just knew we would be neighbors and continue to have long chats and get togethers. We will miss him deeply. Rachel if you need anything please keep our cell numbers and feel free to call anytime day or night. We will always remember our good friend, Claude Holly. Love, Greg & Samantha Ladnier Gulfport, Mississippi

Karen Hoda
Clyde use to ride his bicycle to my mom?s house when we were in 7th 8th 9 th grade. I always loved him and knew he was special. My condolances to his family, especially Jacob. I can just hear the band in heaven now.......Rock on, my friend!.

Rain Jaudon
Clyde - I know you are up there in Heaven?s Hair Band trading licks with the best of them. Apparently you completed your life?s work and have been called back while the rest of us remain here on Earth to do His will. Save us a solo my friend -

Eddie McDaniel
Clyde was a great guy and will be missed by my family, we know he will be playing to a higher audience. Bless all his family and our prayers are with you. I have emailed friends all over the world that knew him and their condolences are coming in as well.

Veronica Quinn
You all seem to forget that Clyde has a son Jacob Strohm he is married to my daughter he has only recently got to know his dad and now he is gone Jacobs name has not been mentioned in next of kin which is very sad

Kitty Stallings
Clyde was one of the best people I ever met; musician or otherwise. He was intrumental in making my CD ?Laughing All the Way? and I will always remember his gentle nature. He was a stand up guy and a gentleman. Those who knew him well, all know that. He had enormous talent and just as big was his heart. I still can?t believe he?s gone. My prayers go to is family.

Marnie Morgan
I am one of Clyde?s former wives. I am his 3rd wife and I know that Rachel was his 4th, not his fifth. He was only married 4 times. I am appalled by the comments mentioned by Bobby Stenrick. I have known Clyde for 16 years and he is one of the most wonderful human beings I have ever met. He would bend over backwards for anyone. To be saying such horrible things to someone that can?t be here to defend himself is shameful. I pray that you take back what you say about Clyde. I am going to miss him more than anyone. He was like a father to me and the only family I had here on the coast. I know he is singing with the angels...

Bobby Stenrick age 8
What the article this page is quoted from fails to mention is the fact that he left behind at least two step-daughters whom he failed to recognise. One was forced to leave her mother?s household before Clyde would marry her (rachel, 5th and sadly, final wife of clyde holliman). Although he may have been an average producer and a better-than-average con-man, (not to mention the person who unleashed the terrible tragedy known as 3 Doors Down on the unsuspecting world), he could have been a better family man. It is a tragedy that his step-son must now lose a second father figure. He will be sadly missed by all but the various families he leaves scattered behind, they hardly knew him.

Richard Scott
Clyde was my best friend and I can?t believe this, though I know it?s true. He was one of the most talented artists ever, and the sweetest guy you?d ever want to know. They say only the good die young, and he was very good and far too young. You will be missed, my brother.