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Jacks Mannequin
Submitted by Pär Winberg on 2008-01-30
Jacks Mannequin signs with Sire and works with Jim Wirt

Sire is the new home for Jack´s Mannequin - that where Warner moved the Andrew McMahon lead band after the Maverick closing. The new album is taking shape with Jim Wirt once again acting producer.


Melodic Net Comments 

Sarah Pagliocco
Dear Jack’s Mannequin, Cancer: obviously a prevalent sickness in today’s world. However, what can we do to eliminate or at least find a cure for this fatal plague? Our names are Sarah Pagliocco, Marlena Hoffman, and Stephanie Kenna. We are Watchung Hills students who are really interested in making a difference in our community. Our goal for this year is to create a fundraiser for the Cancer Research Foundation. All three of us have had close friends or relatives who’ve succumbed to cancer and due to their stories; we want to make a difference. Last summer, a woman who impacted Marlena’s life passed away from battling with Melanoma. After going through a procedure, a piece of her skin had mutated and started reproducing cancerous cells. Within six months, Barbara Kubik was diagnosed, hospitalized, and killed by the permeated cancer. She is survived by her husband, her 16-year old son, and her 11-year old son and died at the age of 47. Another personal connection to cancer is Marlena’s second cousin, Gracey. She’s 12 years old and is suffering from Leukemia. Gracey had been in remission for nine years, but this year, it was recognized that her platelets were low and she was re-diagnosed with the ailment. Obviously, our prayers are with her. Sarah’s grandma battled skin cancer in her middle ages, and overcame it, however in 2000 she was diagnosed with lung cancer, and then passed away. Sarah’s uncle also, has had many types of cancer and is currently in remission and another uncle who is currently on chemotherapy. These four personal stories were the root of our idea to hold a benefit concert, which we’ve entitled “Stop Cancer Piece by Peace.” Our goal is to make a contribution to society by preventing more sadness in our world. It will be well-publicized state wide, greatly attended, and a meaningful night. If we could have a band that was so well respected, such as Jack’s Mannequin, we feel we could draw a tremendous crowd and turn the spotlight on stopping cancer. The reason we feel Jack’s Mannequin would be the appropriate choice to perform is because of your personal triumph. When Andrew McMahon was diagnosed with Leukemia, we were all praying for him. We all believe that music really does heal the soul, and we think that your music could not only do that, but also potentially heal cancer patients. We know that you are loved by a tremendous amount of people in our area and we’d be so honored to have you join this effort. Please consider our offer, if a financial deal needs to be worked out, we’ll do our best to facilitate your requests. This event means so much to the three of us, and it can potentially touch those who have been saved by our contribution. Please e-mail Marlena with a response at Tentatively, the concert is planned for Friday, May 29th, 2009, but we can definitely reschedule if there is day in the spring that would work better for Jack’s Mannequin. Cancer is like rain, that can either wash away all of the insignificant things in life and make everyone thankful for each day, or it can cause a flood that tears about everyday life. It must be stopped. “Rain that makes the flowers bloom Rain to leave you all alone; That keeps eyelashes falling; And wishes washed away” Thank you for your time, Sarah Pagliocco, Marlena Hoffman, and Stephanie Kenna. Watchung Hills Regional High School Students who are ready to make a difference.