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Rooney - Washed Away

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Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2016-05-06 Year: 2016
Label: Beachwood Park Music LLC
Genre: Power Pop
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Having been a big fan of the Los Angeles-based band Rooney since their second album, Calling the World (2007). With its piano-based pop the band felt extremely classy with classic 70s influences, and also in a fresh and innovative way. Even the subsequent Eureka (2010), which was released independently, was very nice, although it did not really come up in the same class.
This fourth album, which now can be seen as a solo project by Robert Schwartzman, gives once again a large dose of classical and warm LA pop, but in a slightly more electronic format. This is quite in order as this kind of pop has been the latest trend and Robert is nothing but a very good song maker that knows how to sound. Unfortunately, Washed Away is a rather bumpy history with a number of stable power-pop pearls like "Why" and "Come On Baby", but mostly very getting pretty bland indie pop. Have you listened to the album a number of weeks, but unfortunately I have to say that it’s doesn’t grab me at all. This is a shame as it has the plenty of potential in terms of style, but without any good songs it’s hard even if you delivers warm LA power-pop.

Tracklisting 1. All the Beautiful People
2. My Heart Beats 4 U
3. Don't Be a Hero
4. Why (feat. Soko)
5. Washed Away
6. Time Alone
7. Do You Have to Go?
8. Come on Baby
9. Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
10. I Miss You When You're Gone
11. You're All I Ever Need
12. Sad but True


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JON BON JOVI turned down the lead role in the film version of "Footloose" in order to concentrate on the band and his music.

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