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Biffy Clyro - Ellipsis

Reviewer :
Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2016-07-08 Year: 2016
Label: 14th Floor Records
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Rich Costley
Artist discography


Biffy Clyro has always been one of my favorite bands. So it is great for me to see them rise to major fame over the last couple of albums. When they announced a new album I was excited and now that I have had Ellipsis in my hands for a couple of weeks, is it as good as I hoped? Yes, yes it is. It is the natural progression from the previous albums so if you liked them you will like this as well.
They still have their trademark sound intact, the rough edges and the tempo changes, although they are more mainstream these days than they were before. One big differences from the last two albums is that the strings and brass are pretty much absent. Instead we get more programming and keyboards to make things interesting. We also get a nice mix of slower songs and fast paced songs, which is always nice. We even get a county flavored song in Small Wishes.
Biffy has always handled both fast and slow and they show it here again, like on the single Wolves of Winter and the acoustic song Medicine. They still show their knack for clever lyrics on Friends & Enemies, where Simon Neil sings “you weren’t right, you were just righteous”. I sense a little bit of a theme here as wolves and animals are mentioned in maybe half of the songs, but it is nothing that bothers me at all. It is hard for me to point out any highlights, as the album is very consistent and I like pretty much every song on here.
Simon Neil describes this as the best album Biffy Clyro has ever made. I would agree to some point but I cannot say yet if I like this better than Opposites or Only Revolutions, I guess time will be judge of that. What I can say is that this is the most varied album I have heard from Biffy and I like it. One tiny problem I have though, is that the album is too short. Only 11 songs are on here, but on the other hand, with quality songs like this, it feels OK in the end. This is all killer and no filler, so go get it as soon as it drops! 

Tracklisting 1. Wolves Of Winter
2. Friends and Enemies
3. Animal Style
4. Re-arrange
5. Herex
6. Medicine
7. Flammable
8. On A Bang
9. Small Wishes
10. Howl
11. People


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