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Supershine - Diamond Valley

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2011-08-22 Year: 2011
Label: Playground Music
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Supershine / Jakob Winther
Artist discography


I´m in the review mood to give you some tip´s in music for christmas and the Danish band Supershine is definitely something you should check out if you´re into bands like The Bravery, The Killers and Pulp. We´re talking Britrock with a touch of new wave here, their debut album "Diamond valley" has an impressive start with great songs like "Circus vitae", "Raise your flags" and "Not as strange as you are", not to mention the single "The ones who never live" that I really like a lot. The alternative rock scene in Denmark keeps producing new promising bands like Apollo, Foreign Resort and Supershine. Nice!

Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. Circus Vitae
3. Raise Your Flags
4. Not As Strange As You are
5. Fears Of Addiction
6. Create And Kill Me
7. Heartbeats
8. The Ones Who Never Live
9. Silver Clouds
10. Lady
11. Sleepwalking
12. Black Cats
13. When You Deserve It The Least


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