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SR-71 - Now you see inside

Reviewer :
Rick Huisseune Format: Album
Release date: 2000-06-20 Year: 2000
Label: RCA Records
Genre: Pop Punk
Artist discography


I had a blast listening to this album. In many ways it reminded me on early young Cheap Trick or on the M?tley Cr?e debut release "Too Fast For Love", it has this similair panache combined by a punkish Rock n Roll flavour. But SR71 isnt just another glamband from the 80s, no they are four young guys from Baltimore/D.C. who named this band after the fastest plane ever built which is the SR71 ofcourse. This is not their debut release because back in 98 they already released a self-produced, self-distributed indie CD. I never heard that album, but this one really got my attention because it Rocked the hell out of me and on top of that the lyrics are rather funny, check out the opening score "Politically Correct" and youll know what i mean. I really believe that this band could be the next big thing because everything (including the production by Gil Norton) is well done, even their image looks handsome to all girls amongst us. Leadsinger Mitch Allan has this young boyish poppy voice and fits the updriven rather heavy style perfectly, this is really like a young version of M?tley Crue with more funny dirty lyrics but without the make up. SR71 also knows how to go extremely melodic because i havent heard such a cute song as "Last Man On The Moon" in many, many months. Guys please ... let me give you some good advice here, release this as a single and make a video of this song and ill guarantee you major success on this globe !! All four of them also seem to know how to handle their instruments well, guitarist Mark Beauchemin knows when to slam his sex string instrument but stays very tuny and melodic every inch of the way. In many ways this is the best release the RCA label brought to us in many years with no website needed.

Tracklisting 1. Politically Correct
2. Right Now
3. What A Mess
4. Last Man On The Moon
5. Empty Spaces
6. Another Night Alone
7. Alive
8. Fame (What She's Wanting)
9. Go Away
10. Non-Toxic
11. Paul McCartney


Melodic Net Comments 

Bengt Rist
This is still one of my favorite punk pop albums, six years down the road. "Right now" "last man on the moon" and "empty spaces" are classics.

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