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Wild Rose - Half Past Midnight

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2011-08-17 Year: 2011
Label: Retrospect Records
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


Wild Rose is a new AOR hope from Greece. Half Past Midnight is their debut album and it’s a fantastic album filled with pure 80s keyboard driven AOR with stunning melodies and hooklines. These guys are heavenly influenced by some classic bands such as Strangeways, Outside Edge, FM and Passion Street. Yes, these guys sound like they are from the UK because their sound reminds a lot of those mentioned bands. Singer George Bitzios has a voice that reminds of Tom Farmer of Outside Edge and he sings very good.

There are eleven tracks on the album and you won’t find a single filler on it, just AOR by numbers. Too Late is a great mid-tempo rocker with layers of keyboards and a catchy chorus. It’s All About Love is a lovely piece of work with wonderful keyboards and the melodies are just perfect, reminds little of Houston. Another Shot is AOR-heaven with big hooklines and an awesome chorus with superb harmonies, makes me think of Roxus. Edge Of Your Dreams is a fantastic pompish AOR-rocker.

The keyboards on Come Back is nothing but stunning and the chorus is a winner with a Haywire resemblances. These guys have done a marvelous AOR album with the right ingredients so if you want your AOR to have layers of keyboards, melodic riffs and catchy choruses, then Wild Rose has recorded this album for you. One of this year´s best pure AOR albums and if this album would have been released in the 80s it would have been talk of the town. My AOR heart is on fire. Don’t miss this gem.


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Chris Siloma
Fb page:
2011-08-18 15:42:29

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