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Needtobreathe - The Reckoning

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2011-09-19 Year: 2011
Label: Atlantic Records
Genre: Christian Rock
Artist discography


South Carolina-based Needtobreathe has through their now four studio albums established themselves as one of the biggest bands in the commercial rock scene. And this through a series of hit songs, but also as they have a great style in their soulful interpretation of Southern rock. On the debut "Daylight" they had a much clearer more pop-oriented sound than today and felt also relatively anonymous. But since "The Heat" from 2007, the traditional sound has a bigger part and they really found their own place in the rock scene. Their last album "The Outsiders" was a huge hit and the album that I think you will see that the band's high point, at least I will do that. It was almost perfect with great songs from start to end, really classic stuff. The new album "The Reckoning" then is almost in the same class and to me also surprisingly well. Did not think the band would be able to follow up on "The Outsiders", but this is a very well-written album with a great deal of heart and soul. Just listen to songs like "Drive All Night," "Devil Been Talkin '" and "Tyrant King" and you will understand that Needtobreathe is perhaps the most complete band that we have now. They got the songs, the style, the vocalist....they got it all!

Tracklisting 1. Oohs and Ahhs
2. White Fences
3. Drive All Night
4. A Place Only You Can Go
5. Slumber
6. The Reckoning
7. Able
8. Maybe They're On To Us
9. Wanted Man
10. Keep Your Eyes Open
11. Tyrant Kings
12. Devil's Been Talkin'
13. Angel At My Door
14. Learn To Love


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