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Admiral Twin - Odds & Ends - demos & rarities

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: New Pop Revival Music
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: Gavin MacKillop and the band
Artist discography


Admiral Twin is sure a cool band was a thought that stroked me a while back while listening to their great album "Mock Heroic", so I surfed to their homepage to see what they were up to, and what did I see! Two records I didnt have. The musicflood never ends. So here I am reviewing the collection with demoes and rarities throughout their career that was released 2002. Its sure a CD to buy if you enjoyed their work in their past, and if you havent heard the band before I can tell you all to that you have to them out if you like powerpop with a cool vibe. There are stuff that where taken of the "Mock Heroic" CD for some reasons (damn strange as theyre real good) and there are stuff that they recorded at their homestudio that also are mainly good material. Best are the unreleased stuff from Mock Heroic and the acoustic songs at the end. If you havent heard the band before I suggest you first buy a copy of Mock Heroic, and after that purchase this CD which Im quite sure you will after you heard the "Mock roic" one Ok folks. Thats about it. Admiral Twins = cool. Enuff said.

Tracklisting 1. Slowdown
2. Simpatico
3. Be The Show
4. Dancing On The Sun
5. Tomorrow
6. Sunday Blue
7. Relate
8. Seventeen
9. Space Angels
10. Goodbye
11. Blessed Imperial
12. It Pulls Me Under - Rehearsal
13. Ereht
14. Her Mystery
15. Matahari
16. Miserlou
17. Sunday Blue - Alternate Version
18. Heaven Knows The Way
19. Renegade Planet - Demo Version
20. Heroes


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