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Coury Palermo - The Broken Way We Love

Coury Palermo - The Broken Way We Love

Reviewer :
Troy Kramm Format: Album
Release date: 2011-11-01 Year: 2011
Label: Wine&Vinyl
Genre: Singer Songwriter
Producer: Chris Brush and Coury Palermo
Artist discography


It is finally show time for Coury Palermo on The Broken Way We Love. Palermo has been perfecting his craft on previous EP’s while teasing us at the same time. A full-length debut from this melancholic mastermind has been long over due and it doesn’t disappoint.

When you find yourself alone on a cold dreary night, this is going to be the album you put on. It engulfs you, makes you feel every note that is sung and makes you want to shut out the world. This album needs to be listened to with absolutely no interruptions.

Palermo has come a long way from his days in his former band Lynden. Rather than use his voice as a secondary instrument behind guitars and pop influenced melodies, it is continually at the forefront, accompanied by an enchanting composition of strings and background vocals that give his songs that haunting feel I love.

From the moment you press play, Coury’s melancholic tones demand your attention like only he can. His voice is simply beautiful! That is a word you will hear a lot when asking what people think of his music.

Standout tracks from this album are “All of Me”, “The War”, “Hush”, “Headline” and “Sunday Black”. Any previous fan of his work will embrace these songs while new listeners will get prepared for what you can expect on the remainder of the album.

If you have the chance, make sure to pick up any deluxe edition of the album with new remixes including the “Hush” (Sleepthief Remix). This album is available digitally through his official website at more songs you have from Coury Palermo, the happier you will be.


1. The War

2. Waiting For Daylight

3. Hush

4. You're All I Know

5. Bitter/Sweet

6. All Of Me

7. Stay Close

8. Headline

9. In Your Wake

10. Home

11. Lay Your Weapons Down

12. Waiting For Daylight (String Version)

13. Sunday Black


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