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The Killing Floor - The Killing Floor

Reviewer :
Troy Kramm Format: Album
Year: 2011
Label: Soundmine Musicworks, The Orchard
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Dan Malsch, Mark Alberici, Alec Henninger
Artist discography


It is easy to hear comparisons to bands like Queens of The Stone Age, Led Zeppelin and even the Foo Fighters on this hard rocking debut. The production of this album is top notch. Songs are filled with great bass lines that are easily noticeable on their single “Star Baby “ and “Images Repeating”. The guitars and drums sound great but suffer from the same problem as the vocals. They all sound like they have been scaled back during production, which leads to some missed opportunity by The Killing Floor to really add some edge and aggression on the album.

This happens to many great bands in the studio, so it is hard to fault these guys here. A safe CD that showcases their musical assets is what will get these guys noticed and on rock radio stations. Any lack of gritty hard rock feel on this album is more than made up for in their live shows. These guys give it their all on stage, so if you have any doubts about them after listening to this album, just go check them out and you will be loving this band.

A track that you will likely be hearing on rock radio in the coming weeks, if you haven’t already is “Star Baby”. It is a great choice to hit airwaves. It has a little bit of everything I enjoyed from this band, strong bass lines, passionate vocals with hard guitar riffs and a catchy hook. It is all there.

A huge reason why this album will appeal to many is the depth of the music here. This isn’t just an album that sounds like one long song all the way through. The variety of songs kept me coming back to this album again. You have fast hard rocking tracks like “Star Baby”, “Mind Control” (My favorite song on the album) and “Strangers Isle” which are offset by tracks like “Your Enemy”, a beautifully crafted song that is reminiscent of bands like Oasis, The Foo Fighters, I Mother Earth and Led Zeppelin.

The Killing Floor have put out an enticing album here which will appeal to the masses and help them establish a good following in North America and around the world. Time will tell if they can surpass those bands, which they have been influenced by, but The Killing Floor is a great debut for these guys and will undoubtedly lead to good things in the future.

Tracklisting 1. Leap to Safety
2. Shout
3. Temptation
4. Star Baby
5. Grace
6. Stealing Prayers
7. Mind Control
8. Images Repeating
9. Who's on Your Side
10. Stranger's Isle
11. Your Enemy


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