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Various Artists - Guitar Addiction - A tribute to modern guitar

Reviewer :
Jörgen Andersen Format: Album
Year: 2011
Label: Independent
Genre: Rock
Producer: Frank Ribiere & GuitarEuro Media
Artist discography


This album is a result of a project that made it possible to unit more than 60 great musicians and it includes names as Roland Grapow, Mattias ia Eklundh, Ron Thal, Guthrie Govan, Stuart Hamm, Dave Martone etc etc... What we got here is a really great album that truly makes a worthy tribute to the modern guitar.The producing is excellent, the sound is perfect and overall this is a very solid album from the beginning to the end. We get 11 songs on this album in a lot of different styles, from ballads, as the beautiful "The end of the world" to pure metal songs like the very heavy song "Cacophusion".

And I think thats why this album is so awesome and never gets boring, the wonderful mix of songs and genres makes this album interesting all the way and I never got bored listening to it, although its instrumental. Not only the guitarists shines on this album because all the musicians can play their instruments very skilfully and they all hold a very high level of quality on all songs.Another great thing with this album is that you can read on the inlay of the cd which guitarist you hear in every song and when they start to play, that was very nice to follow when I listened to it.I find no meaning in going through every song on this album because I think each song has its own feeling and sound and thats why I recommend you to listen to it from the beginning to the end and find your own favourites.

So if you love guitar shredding in all its glory, if you love well produced melodic instrumental guitar music like Joe Satriani and Vinnie Moore then you should definitely check out this album ! This it is what I would call a swedish smorgosbord for guitar lovers, where you get a lot great songs and a lot of variation and it all "tastes" just fine !


1. Crossroads Of Time

2. Junkie Foot

3. Adrenaline Jam

4. The End Of The World

5. Mr Groove

6. Mind’s Labyrinth

7. FRP a Tribute To Mark

8. Mandarine

9. Frankly Speaking

10. Cacophusion

11. Heavy Funky Party  


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