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Marillion - F E a R

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2016-09-23
Label: EAR
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Artist discography


Marillion is a band that refuses to change after they re-invented themselves without Fish years ago and they don't really blend in with the music business today.
This is in fact a good thing since have slowly grown into an institution to those that know them. they simply survive because of their unique sound and very true fans.
Truth said to my personal opinion i still think they were better with Fish but that was another era,

Now, they return with their eighteenth album, F E A R, and once again it seems that fire is still raging in the progressive belly.
although i miss some real energy here and there and to my opinion they start to repeat a bit to much.

F E A R (or Fuck Everyone And Run as the acronym stands for) is an album full of criticism. They don't keep silent about heavy topics (‘King Of Sunset Town’, ‘Gaza’), this time topics like capitalism, politics are present thruout the album
BUT they told us the don't want to preach about it and stuff it inside our mouth so we choke on it.
The songs are manufactured (i can say that after such a long time polishing the sound of it in the studio) in such a way that there is space to make up your own mind.
So they are like politics themselves saying a lot but nothing at the same time, and just as subtile as well.

The trademark of Marillion is their multilayered sound.
With that said this is also the case on this album.
The only thing i miss is some more pepper.
it's all so slowly welling that sometimes i feel a bit sleepy.
Not saying it sound is boring, i just get sleepy on it.

At five songs long ,  which mostly are also separated in various parts, it might be a bit difficult to go thru for mainstream listeners.
This is an album for those who take the time to very closely listen deeply into the sound and lyrics.

the 20 minutes long ‘The Leavers’, is the centerpart of the album, with lots of emotion. yet, why does a song have to be split in several parts and still call it one song. My suggestion is don't seperate them because in a digital download there will always be a gap of a second or so, which gives it lack of fluency.

Bottom line, it's a true prog album but only for those that love Marillion after the Fish era.
Despite the technical emotional singing voice of Hogarth i just can't seem to dig listening to him in a 20 minutes song.
technically they off course are still top notch.

Tracklisting 1. El Dorado (i) Long-Shadowed Sun
2. El Dorado (ii) The Gold
3. El Dorado (III) Demolished Lives
4. El Dorado (IV) F E a R
5. El Dorado (V) The Grandchildren of Apes
6. Living In F E a R
7. The Leavers (I) Wake Up In Music
8. The Leavers (II) The Remainers
9. The Leavers (III) Vapour Trails In the Sky
10. The Leavers (IV) The Jumble of Days
11. The Leavers (V) One Tonight
12. White Paper
13. The New Kings (I) Fuck Everyone and Run
14. The New Kings (II) Russia's Locked Doors
15. The New Kings (III) A Scary Sky
16. The New Kings (IV) Why Is Nothing Ever True?
17. Tomorrow's New Country


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