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Brad Byrd - Mental Photograph

Brad Byrd - Mental Photograph

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2011-06-28 Year: 2011
Label: Elusive Tiger
Genre: Pop
Producer: Steve Scully
Artist discography


Wehyped Brad Byrd and his magnificent debut "The Ever Changing Picture" in 2005. Really liked his smooth style and chilled style like a younger version of Marc Jordan, but without nay jazz influences. So have waited and longed for like six years for a sequel and had almost given up hope, actually. But then "Mental Photograph" suddenly was released and do I have to say that it felt like Christmas? Guess so……and I can tell that it meets all my expectations with the same style and the quality as teh debut with both a great portion of thoughtfulness, but also full of catchy melodies. Just listen to opening track "Zero To The 101" and subsequent "On My Way Down" and you will understand what I mean.
At the debut, the Melodic Net hero Evan Frankfort took care of production and of course with a superb result. This time it's Steve Scully have handled the part and he has too taken the best out of Brad Byrd. The sound is very thorough and well done, but also completely natural and simple as this type of contemporary singer-songwriters should sound like. So if you like catch-pop rock like John Mayer, Emille Millar and Matthew Ryan, you just have to check up on this talented and very underrated artist for sure.

Tracklisting 1. Zero To The 101
2. On My Way Down
3. Just For Today
4. Livewire
5. Mental Photograph
6. Middle Of The Road
7. Train Tracks
8. Modern Day Miracle
9. New York
10. Only In America
11. Hourglass


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