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Our Lady Peace - Curve

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2012-04-03 Year: 2012
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Raine Maida
Artist discography


Canadian Our Lady Peace is back now with their eighth album since their debut Naveed in 1994. This is a reliable band that always delivers, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. The highlight for me is Spiritual Machines in 2000 where they found the perfect balance of great songs and a unique style. However Clumsy (1997), Happiness ... Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch (1999) and last Burn Burn (2009) are also great albums which any fan of Modern Rock should have.
Since the last album they're no longer on Columbia and it feels actually as a good alternative for them. Do unfortunately thinks that both Gravity (2002) and Healthy In Paranoid Times (2005) was quite boring albums where they became too commercial and impersonal. So that they become independent was to me as a perfect decision as they now have more freedom and probably will make more money in the end.
This new album "Curve” is once again a very solid effort and should be counted as one of the band's best. Stylistically, it is perhaps their quietest album to date, but there are a lot of emotion and sadness that make it very personal. The quiet and mysterious "Will Someday Change", "Mettle" and "Window Seat" is truly amazing where I think the guys are actually at their best. It is non-commercial and somewhat progressive, but still direct and accessible.
How it will sell is hard to say when there are no clear hits here. But as the album it is very good and should please all fans of this alternative and exciting band from North America.

Tracklisting 1. Allowance
2. Fire In The Henhouse
3. Heavyweight
4. Window Seat
5. As Fast As You Can
6. If This Is It
7. Will Someday Change
8. Find Our Way
9. Rabbits
10. Mettle


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