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Unruly Child - UCIII

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


Bruce Gowdy and Guy Allison is back with the 3rd Unruly Child album and again with a new singer. The last studio album "Waiting For The Sun" with Kelly Hansen on the vocals did not sound like a true Unruly Child album. But this time around they are back to the basics and it sounds like the classic debut album. The sound is more rockier and the production is not as polished and clear as on the debut but still very good. If you mix the debut with "Waiting For THe Sun" you will get the sound of this album. The new and third vocalist Philip Bardowell (ex. Magdalen) is a pleasant surprise. Imagine a mix of Mark Free and Lou Gramm and you get the picture how Philip sounds like. The opening track "Tear Me Down" was like a chock for me to hear. It sounded so much like the debut and I thought that Mark Free was singing. If you liked "On The Rise" and "Take Me Down Nasty" from the debut you will love this rocker. "Falling" is a mid-tempo rocker with all the right Unruly Child components. "All Around Me" starts acousti but turns out to a fantastic song with great background vocals in the chorus. The rockballad "Bring Me Home" is the strongest song on the album. Great piano ballad that gets toucher to the 2nd chorus and contains some impressive and powerful background vocals. Just listen to the wonderful harmonyvocals in the start of "Kings Of Tragedy", this is a awesome track. In the song "Vertigo" Unruly Child shows a diffrent side of the band, this is more into the modern Rock territory, great song with a powerful chorus but it still sounds like a Unruly Child song. Like on the debut the ballads were high quality songs, it?s the same on this album. The second ballad "Shades Of Love" is very good. It?s AOR meets Modern Rock ballad with great melodies and harmony vocals. I think that every song on the album has something to offer and I can?t find a single filler. It?s great to hear Bruce Gowdy?s guitars again and in true Unruly Child way and they have found a great substitute to both Mark Free and Kelly Hansen in Mr. Bardo ll. This is not a album that contains songs like "Who Cries Now", "When Love Is Gone" and "Is It Over" to mention some from the debut but it?s still a great melodic hardrock album. This is a true Unruly Child album and should please every fan of the band and I think that this is their second best album after the debut. Great start of 2003.


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