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Cord - Other peoples lives are not as perfect as they seem

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2012-01-16
Label: Island Records
Genre: Alternative Rock
Artist discography


You know the saying "better late than never" and I´m glad it was late than never for me with the British band Cord´s debut album from 2006 because this is a brilliant album. I suppose they didn´t sell that many copies since Island Records dropped the band and the latest news I found was from a year ago when Cord was suppose to release an album of demos and rarities. This Norwich based band surely took me by surprise with an excellent well crafted alternative rock album that can be described with the following words : think the straight forward rock of Feeder with the atmospheric pop of Aqualung mixed with the orchestral rock of Muse and spice it with the kick ass energy of Foo Fighters. Tracks like "Winter", "Go either way" and "Eyes" are irresistable.

Tracklisting 1. Go Either Way - Edit 2 - do not put on artwork
2. Sea Of Trouble
3. Eyes
4. Winter
5. Give Me Today
6. Already Lost
7. The Best Days Of Our Lives
8. Stay With Me Now
9. Why I Want It
10. The Greater Part


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