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The Breakups - Running Jumping Falling Shouting

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2012-02-14
Label: The Breakups
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: The Breakups
Artist discography


It´s always a joy to open the inbox to see if there is any e-mails from bands I haven´t heard from in a while and earlier this week, there was an e-mail from Jake Gideon of The Breakups that I reviewed a few years ago. It was their debut EP which received 3 stars, I really liked this band that sounded smart and unique and now they´re back with their first full length album "Running Jumping Falling Shouting" on Feb 14th. I think they have grown as songwriters because the music is even more mature and well arranged, my thoughts go to Paul McCartney, Wilco and Butch Walker while listening to this 12 track album. Could this album be their break? I certainly hope so because the music has depth which is a rare thing in these American Idol/X-Factor times, thumbs up for The Breakups that dare to go their own way and not focus on radio friendly choruses after 30 seconds. I remember in the 70´s when most songs had a story to tell, I get the same feeling from hearing tracks like the 7 minute long "It makes no difference" or the Carnival pop of "Dizzyland". Highly recommendable!

Tracklisting 1. I'm Thinking of a Number Between 1 and 99
2. Run From Rock'n'roll
3. Better Off Alone
4. I Don't Want to Know
5. Shelf Life
6. Trust
7. Sentimentalitis
8. Dizzyland
9. Amelia (You Won't Believe)
10. The Fall and Rise of Gracie Rose
11. It Makes No Difference
12. Exit


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