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Ile Kallio Big Rock Band - Right Now

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2016-09-23 Year: 2016
Label: Sony Music Entertainment Finland Oy
Genre: Rock
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Just like the old times when the artists released an album each year, Ile Kallio Big Rock Band takes over the Finnish album chart once again with their sophomore record Right Now.
It´s the follow-up to last year´s successful debut Shook Up, and this band is living proof of that rock and roll is alive and well.
Pop music might rule radio and most charts but even though rock music might be down and counting, it comes back with full force because you can´t beat a full band playing live on stage.
And live is exactly what these new songs on Right Now feels like, they are written for the stage so it´s not so strange Ile Kallio Big Rock Band has become so popular in the land of the 1000 lakes.
The first single I Feel Love and the title track Right Now are handmade for the stage and are probably already classics in their live-set.

Ile Kallio is a lead guitarist that puts the song and band over his ego, even though it´s his band, he makes room for the other bandmembers to shine. But when it´s time for Ile to let those six strings talk, he plays with so much finesse and feeling, I start to think of iconic guitarists like BB King and Eric Clapton.
Frontman Patrik Eriksson is just as important for the band´s sound as Ile himself, Patrik makes his best vocal performance on the beautiful The Future The Past. It´s one of the highlights along with Cash Is King, Take Me To The Highway and Touche.
I compared them to Huey Lewis and The News, Rockpile and Bruce Springsteen on the first album and there are still traces of these artists on Right Now, but I would like to add some British 70´s rock a la Free and American 80´s rock of REO Speedwagon on these new songs. When classic rock becomes classic indeed.
The only song I don´t like is the upbeat Tell Me What Do You Want but it´s just a tiny small cloud on a clear blue sky, no matter if you want to dance, rock or just listen to the music for a long ride in the car. Right Now is worth every penny you spend on it.


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