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Skintrade - Past And Present

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2012
Label: Universal Records
Genre: Hard Rock,  Funk
Producer: Skintrad, Ronny Lahti
Artist discography


Swedish based Skintrade was in the mid 90's, one of the big and upcoming bands on the Swedish rock scene. They had their peak between 93 and 95 when the singles "Sick As A Dog" and "One by One" was played frequently on radio and TV including MTV's Headbangers Ball. However, the band dissolved pretty quick, when the members decided to go separate ways and try different things.

With one foot in the classic hard rock and the other in the later style of music, grunge Skintrade found a personal and pretty unique style. Also add a large dose of funk to get you a band that both rocks and swings, which is not easy to communicate.

Will reluctantly admit that I didn’t listen to them during their peak persiod, but that I now almost 20 years later truly appreciate what is presented on the new Best Of album, "Past And Present". Just to hear Matti Alfonzetti awesome rock voice is enough to make the disc worth on purchasing. But beyond that, we get a really great rock dose of rock that breathes Soungarden, Shinedown and Rage Against The Machine in a cool mix. The tracks that make the most impression on me are the more funky tracks "One by One," "Soul Sister" and "Parasite" where they really get into a nice cool mix. These are taken from the debut from 1993 that I personally think feels more interesting than the darker and clearer grunge inspired "Roach Powder".

On "Past And Present" we also get three new tracks in the single "Falling To Pieces", "Back The Hell Up" and "Little Baby". These three represent a new dimension in the band when they have added a little more blues-inspired tone. And of course, this works perfectly since Matti has voice that is just made for this, and sing amazingly well. If there is a full-length album in the future this is a style that I think they should continue work on definitely. It brings the best out of the band and feels like that style that where they could get a lot of new fans and without losing any of the older ones. Check out if you’re into classic rock with a 90’s vibe!

Tracklisting 1. One By One
2. Soul Sister
3. Sick As A Dog
4. Parasite
5. The Last Thought
6. War
7. Freight Train
8. Fear
9. Angel Eyes
10. Crucify
11. Silence
12. Motorman
13. Falling To Pieces
14. Back The Hell Up
15. Little Baby


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