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Hoobastank - Fight Or Flight

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2012-08-28 Year: 2012
Label: Independent
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Gavin Brown
Artist discography


Really like the new Hoobastanks album "Flight or Fight". The record gives us a slightly new sound from the band with a richer sound with less pop melodies. They feel more serious and personal this time, which is step forward for the band. Ok, sure, they have lost a bit of his own style, but think they were quite boring on the last album "For (n) ever" on Island Records and therefore welcome this change.

Tracks like "This Is Gonna Hurt", "Sing What You Can Not Say" and "Can You Save Me" stand out should give the band a lot of airtime. However, there is no "The Reason" and the band will not come up close to the buzz that was in 2003 where they were on the charts worldwide. But "Flight or Fight" is a good comeback album, even better than I had expected actually.

Tracklisting 1. This Is Gonna Hurt
2. You Before Me
3. The Fallen
4. Can You Save Me?
5. No Destination (Fight or Flight)
6. Slow Down
7. No Win Situation
8. Sing What You Can't Say
9. Magnolia
10. Incomplete
11. A Thousand Words


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