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The Temper Trap - The Temper Trap

Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2012-06-05
Label: Liberation Music PTY Ltd
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: Tim Hoffer
Artist discography


It seems more and more bands are taking the snyth route on their albums these days. The Temper Trap debuted their chill indie rock vibes on “Conditions” in 2009. With the success of being featured on commercials and movie soundtracks, the band readies their sophomore self titled release, “The Temper Trap” on June 5th. The band is back but with a new sound with hints of the old.

From the very first single “Need Your Love” the band comes in full swing of happiness with the synth keyboard lines. This is by far the catchiest song from the band to date. I would love to meet someone that doesn’t have this song stuck in their head by the end or even just humming that melodic line. You will hear reminisces of this throughout the album as it’s a beautiful opener. The vocal style is a little different on song songs but the falsetto is still there. “This Isn’t Happiness” has a ‘Dan the Automator’ feel good vibe. Flow is what get the band going on these tunes and makes you move a little more than the first. Electronic elements in the slower ballad-like “Dreams,” takes us to a time in from the eighties. “Where Do We Go From Here” is another upbeat song that can easily make the singles chart.

Repetition is the key for them on this record as many choruses are stuck in your head solely based on the repeating hooks, a great follow-up to their debut album. "I'm Gonna Wait" is the perfect definition of this. Now this album is different, don’t expect the first album on this one. The guitars are less present and no “Edge” style guitars like I was looking for like “Sweet Disposition” or "Rest" but growth is what they display. You actually don’t miss their old sound as this new sound suits them perfectly as you can tell the band is getting more comfortable with their sound. This album may take you a little while to get into. I wasn’t blow away at first, but give it time as those hooks will be stuck in your head after a few listens. Great follow-up album and this is a must for any indie rocker.

Tracklisting 1. Need Your Love
2. London's Burning
3. Trembling Hands
4. The Sea Is Calling
5. Miracle
6. This Isn't Happiness
7. Where Do We Go From Here
8. Never Again
9. Dreams
10. Rabbit Hole
11. I'm Gonna Wait
12. Leaving The Heartbreak Hotel


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