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David Josephson - Farväl Tristesse

Rickard Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2011-10-19
Genre: Pop,  Singer Songwriter
Artist discography


Here comes another Swedish singer/songwriter. This time it is David Josephson with his album Farväl Tristesse.

From the beginning it strikes me that, for me Josephson's voice is very delicate. Often it lets the music get the upper hand and it almost disappears in the mix. That is never a good sign. I honestly think that his voice is a little bit to polished, it just never grabs a hold of me and demands my attention.

It is the same music wise. Everything sounds a bit too polished in a way that it just never get exciting. In this genre you have to really stand out in order to make an impression. The only song that gets my attention is the second last track "En Annan" which is a nice little pop tune. Otherwise, most of the songs just pass me by without leaving an impression.On this album there is just something missing. When compared to the great Swedish singer/songwriters, such as Lars Winnerbäck, Tomas Andersson Wij and Mauro Scocco to mention a few, David Josephson just does not come close at all I am afraid. Lyricwise it is the same, I just do not connect with the lyrics.

Sorry to say, this is not a great album. I hope David Josephson can come back stronger in the future.

Tracklisting 1. Nelly Sachs Park
2. Femte akt
3. Balkongnatt
4. Still
5. Stålblå luft
6. Mellanrum
7. Ond saga
8. Isslottet
9. En annan
10. Brev i maj - farväl tristesse


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