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Star City Meltdown - Razorblades and Handgrenades

Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2012-09-25
Label: Standby
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Brett Hestla
Artist discography


There are certain times when you hear a band and from the very first song, you can’t fathom what it makes them so good. Maybe it’s the production? Maybe the lyrics? Maybe it’s the way the singer pulls you in and makes you feel a part of it. These are all qualities that Star City Meltdown is ready to unleash on their sophomore album “Razorblades and Handgrenades.”

Due in September, the band has taken a huge step in the right direction, from the debut album. Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine come to mind with a mix of The Drama Club thrown in for a breathe of fresh air. Including a few re-recordings, “Dying to Live” starts the crushing of the album in all of its glory. Talk about giving your speakers a serious workout.

“Here With You” is the band’s first single you can hear on their website and download for free here. This single has all the elements for Modern Rock radio. The high guitar part paired with the sonic production of the bass drum riding in the chugging guitars. From the head banging verses to the big chorus, this song proves melody can compliment heavy without ridicule. “Untied” is the ballad of the album and parades the shine Brad Dills and company posses, even without the heavy. The vocals are so raspy, that Synyster Gates’ brow would even raise.

Don’t be fooled by the solid production by Bret Hestla. This day and age, production can be deceiving, but a band like this, benefits from a sonic pounding album. If your unsure just take a listen to “Spotlights and Bluelights” or “Ready or Not.” Its not the most unique music to date but rock this album at a very high volume and you will be very pleased. SCM proves you can have concert-like fun by only listening to an album. Look for it everywhere in September and turn it up!

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Tracklisting 1. Dying To Live
2. Say What You Want
3. White Trash Superstar
4. Here With You
5. Untied
6. Not So Lonely
7. Ready Or Not
8. Spotlights & Blue Lights
9. Backfire
10. The Last Time
11. Legend


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