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Kensington - Control

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2016-10-28
Label: USM
Genre: Rock,  Hard Rock
Producer: Michael Beinhorn
Artist discography


Kensington is Hollands most popular rockband at the moment.
With their breakthru album "Rivals" they have gathered a huge amount of fans.
Not only in The Netherlands but also in countries all over Europe.
They even participated in a talentshow in Poland to see how theit music was accepted there.

And now they have come with highly anticipated new album "Control" which gives us the sound when the band seperates from all control and just lets the music come in all its quality.

The result, an emotional journey with intens music, personal lyrics lots of grandeur.
Kensington aimes for a statement about what the band stands for today, this means it slightly seperates from the previous releases, but still stay true to their sound.
It is much more mature, also in their lyrics about the here and the now, both as a band as individuals.

All Lyrics have been written by singer Eloi Youssef.
He wrote this album more personal then ever before but also has a wide view about gemeral issues abot the people around him in dailly life.
Eloi Quotes: "I see how relations are different nowadays in the digital era". "These days it's all about how to impress others how wonderfull your life is, and that hey have everything so much in control". "At the same time the same people fnd it very difficult to share their fears". "life gets superficial instead of showing eachother our deep innerside".

Some songs on "Control" carry titles with the names of islands: Fiji (has a sunny summer feel), St. Helena (Has dispare and lonelyness like Napoleon must have had when he was locked up there). Sorry and Regret are more sensitive in their approach.
 In Slicer The "I" figure comes to the conclusion that he totally lost his own true identity:
("I deleted all that I am").
Eloi's search of showing his own volnerabillity finds his highest most extreem point in "Storms", which is about personal panic attacks.  He wrote it in a period when he was dealing with this problem. Like fear of death for example.
This is absolutely one of the highlights on this album.

For the recording process of Control, Kensington moved to Rome, Italy for two month at the beginning of 2016. They wrote and worked in the famous Forum Music Village, the studio where Ennio Morricone recorded his timeless classic movie soundtracks. They chose Michael Beinhorn (well kbown for his work with Soundgarden, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Marilyn Manson, amongs ohers) to take control of the production buttons.
But the most admiration He got from Kensington and the actual reason why they chose him as producer is his work for Danish band Mew.
Beinhorn has a reputation for being a very demanding producer, pushing a band to the limits and out of their comfort zone.

Guitarplayer Casper Starreveld Quotes "Beinhorn creates somekind of chaostheory to work in".
"Untill the mixing started we mostly did not even know anything about the final result". "There was absolutely no Control". "The road was very bumpy nervewrecking and very intense". 
Bassplayer Jan Haker, the silent force in the band continues, "It was a gamble but that is exactly what we wanted".
Casper: "We truly thought, wat can we do"? Making a 2nd Rivals won't change anything about what people think of us", "Instead we wanted to surprise".

Control is Kensington's most extreme album. which holds very intimate and small songs like "Storms", but also a true hardrock song like "St. Helena". 
"Regret", gives a mixture between elektronic music and rock, almost industrial.
Personally i don't like this so much but i am shure it will fit in today's music landscape.
The band proves they are not afraid to step outside their comfort zone as they prove by also hitting the stage with DJ Armin van Buuren on his Armin only embrace tour.
The cd opener "Do I Ever" is the first album single and has that same stadium rock sound like on the previous album and holdsa great hint to what can be expected on Control.

Great quality modern rock which with some Coldplay influences here and there in the chorusses.
The band has the potential of becoming a huge international act when they take the right choices and promotion.
With the upcoming Armin van Buuren shows promotion won't be the problem.
But  should that be the type of audience to aim for?
Get out of control and buy or download this album.

*Do i ever.
*St Helena.

Tracklisting 1.    Do I Ever - 03:24
2.    Fiji - 02:40
3.    Slicer - 03:15
4.    Regret - 03:39
5.    All Before You - 03:39
6.    Sorry - 03:47
7.    Control - 04:35
8.    Rely On - 02:39
9.    Bridges - 03:40
10.  Storms - 04:11
11.  St. Helena - 04:42


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