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Billy Talent - Dead Silence

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2012-09-11 Year: 2012
Label: Warner Music
Genre: Punk Rock
Producer: Ian DSa
Artist discography


Dead Silence is the fourth studio album by our Canadian fellas in Billy Talent and the first one since 2009. The band delivers an album filled with a sound of raw-edged guitars combined with a perfect portion of melodic hooks in the songs. Benjamin Kowalewicz  lead vocals is up the face in the production signed by the bands guitarplayer Ian D'Sa. If I should complain about something it should be the lack of various tempo on the album. Now - it's just going on more or less in the same tempo and style. Still the guys are really good on what they're doing and it's fun that they're back in business. 

Tracklisting 1. Lonely Road To Absolution
2. Viking Death March
3. Surprise Surprise
4. Runnin' Across The Tracks
5. Love Was Still Around
6. Stand Up And Run
7. Crooked Minds
8. Man Alive!
9. Hanging By A Thread
10. Cure For The Enemy
11. Don't Count On The Wicked
12. Show Me The Way
13. Swallowed Up By The Ocean
14. Dead Silence


Melodic Net Comments 

I really like this new Billy Talent album, could very well be their best.
2012-11-13 14:11:39

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Did you know that? writer Kaj Roth sings background vocals on Hammerfall´s cover of Skid Row´s Youth Gone Wild on the Masterpieces album from 2007.


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