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Bliss 66 - Life is a comedown

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2013-07-10 Year: 2013
Label: Bliss 66
Genre: Modern Rock
Artist discography


Bliss 66 released in 2001 the very nice album ?Trip to the 13th?, which was produced by the guru Glen Ballard. Then I think that they was dropped by their label Sony, which has almost has kicked all their best bands now (ok, they have got a bunch of new great ones such as Revis)! But then in 2002 you could read on their site a little short note that they had an album only available at their live shows, which made me curious. Was it a new album, was it a live album or what was it? I got the answer in my hands folks! It?s a new album from this Matchbox 20 and Train alike band and it?s a quite odd why they only have it available at their shows. Even it?s not as good as their major label records it?s good enough to sell at a place like Like I said the level of the songs isn?t as high as the ?Trip..? album, mostly because it lacks of the killer songs like ?Do it again? and ?Defense?. But the positive thing with this record is that they feels more rock now, since I think that Glen Ballard put a little too poppy production compared to older one. This new one feels more basic and traditional rock in the sound, which suits them better.
Overall a nice album and if you like the bands I compared them with and have the chance to buy it, Do it (again) !


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