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Edguy - Monuments

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2017-07-14
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Metal,  Power Metal,  Progressive metal,  Hard Rock
Producer: Edguy, Sascha Paeth
Artist discography


Edguy is celebrating their silver anniversary in the music business as a band with the release of Monuments.
An awesome colection of powermetal songs as bombastic like Queen and fierce as Iron Maiden.
Handpicked by all bandmembers all songs are true milestones for the band and also for all Edguy fans around the globe.
Included also is a dvd with a 14 song live performance in Brazil 2004 as well as all vedeoclips.
So a fine collection indeed.
But there is even more to drool. Edguy also included 5 new songs for this release, making it a "must have" fore the Edguy army out there.
This is exactly where the album starts.

The opening song "Ravenblack is exactly what we expect from Edguy.
Edgy riffs, a catchy chorus and high standard vocals. So the perfect way to start an album.

"Wrestle The devil" is another fibe nw track with here and there an 80's glam vibe but unmistakeable with a typical edguy seasoning.The song has a show wrestling topic, but probably has a deeper meaning to it as wrestling the devil could have many different topics regarding worlds safety nowadays.

On "Open Sesame" we see the band like we love them, sex driven lyrics in combination with a performance in fifth shirft gear this song haunts your ears at full throttle. Amazing! Don't play it in your car if you don't want speeding tickets.

"Landmarks" continues where Open Sesame left off.
Listen to the hammering drums delivered by Felix, the exelent and diverse chorus and the fantastic guitarsolo. Impressive.

Here and there "The Mountaineer", also the last new song on this album has a bit of an Iron Maiden atmosphere vocally, exept for the chorusses. another fine piece of powermetal art.

The collection of career spanning songs contain loads of fan favorites and classics such as "Save me", the more than 10 minutes running "The Piper Never Dies", the very funny "Lavatory Love Machine" and many more.
Worth mantioning are all of them but i will mention just a few more...
"Mysteria", to me considered as maybe the best song they ever made, combining power, speed, diverse melodies and superb vocals. You have to be hooked when you hear the Mysteria intro.
"The Eternal Wayfarer" which shows perfectly that Tobias Sammet is capable off vocally an of course "Land of the Miracle" with its canon multiple vocals at the end making it the song Savatage forgot to write.

The cd collection closes with "Reborn in the Waste" which was recorded for Savage Poetry but never made it onto the album. Luckally.
This song is added purely for nostalgic seasons i suppose because it is old school metal but the vocals on this song are not well so to speak.
A bit of a bummer in quality but as this is a career spanning collection it is good this was added.

This release comes in various formats.
A nice treat also is the booklet indide with pictures from the early days of struggling to get noticed untill the days of huge succeses.
Are you into powermetal, great vocals, bombastic melodies, huge riffs, sweet ballads and humor, this is the one to buy!

Tracklisting CD 1
1 - Ravenblack 5:08
2 - Wrestle The Devil 4:00
3 - Open Sesame 5:00
4 - Landmarks 4:34
5 - The Mountaineer 3:57
6 - 9-2-9 3:47
7 - Defenders Of The Crown 5:42
8 - Save Me 3:46
9 - The Piper Never Dies 10:09
10 - Lavatory Love Machine 4:23
11 - King Of Fools 4:20
12 - Superheroes 3:19
13 - Love Tyger 4:27
14 - Ministry Of Saints 5:03
15 - Tears Of A Mandrake 7:14

CD 2
1 - Mysteria 5:46
2 - Vain Glory Opera 6:09
3 - Rock Of Cashel 6:18
4 - Judas At The Opera 7:19
5 - Holy Water 4:13
6 - Spooks In The Attic 4:03
7 - Babylon 6:13
8 - The Eternal Wayfarer 8:49
9 - Out Of Control 5:05
10 - Land Of The Miracle 6:33
11 - Key To My Fate 4:33
12 - Space Police 6:03
13 - Reborn in The Waste 4:19

1 - Mysteria 0:11
2 - Under The Moon 6:35
3 - Navigator 5:34
4 - Wake Up The King 6:50
5 - Land Of The Miracle 4:13
6 - Lavatory Love Machine 11:55
7 - Vain Glory Opera 5:47
8 - Fallen Angels 6:23
9 - The Piper Never Dies 5:40
10 - Babylon 16:57
11 - King Of Fools 9:34
12 - Chalice Of Agony 0:43
13 - Tears Of A Mandrake (feat. André Matos) 7:11
14 - Out Of Control 7:33
15 - Love Tyger (Video clip) 8:48
16 - Robin Hood (Video clip) 4:26
17 - Two Out Of Seven (Video clip) 4:53
18 - Ministry Of Saints (Video clip) 4:28
19 - Superheroes (Video clip) 3:54
20 - Lavatory Love Machine (Video clip) 3:20
21 - King Of Fools (Video clip) 4:24
22 - All The Clowns (Video clip) 3:35 


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