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Incubus - 8

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Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2017-04-21 Year: 2017
Label: Incubus under exclusive license to Island Records
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Skrillex
Artist discography


It took Incubus six years to follow up 2011’s If Not Now, When?, which came out like five years after its predecessor. So you cannot directly call the band especially productive, even we should not forget Brandon Boyd's solo album and the very cool project, Sons of the Sea from 2014.

This eighth album is produced, quite unexpectedly by the electro dance master, Skrillex. He’s not directly associated with Alternative Rock for the masses, but he was front-man in the post-hard core act From First to Last between 2004 and 2007. So he has some good knowledge of the genre and you could expect that he would bring some new cool ideas to the band. Equally unexpectedly, the album is very clean in its sound and there are not many traces of Skrillex more electronic ideas. I think it's a bit of a pity when I think that the band should have to tried a little new things since they’re actually at their best when they are quite alternative.

So 8 sounds like you can think with classic Incubus, but straightforward and mature package without direct surprises. In fact, it does take up to track ten in the instrumental "Make No Sound in the Digital Forest" before the band offers some more odd melodies which I would have loved to see more of.

But even if the album is quite safe, most fans will definitely accept it as deliver some quality stuff. Tracks like "No Fun", "Nimble Bastard" and "Undefeated" clearly shows the band's best side, and would had been hits if they would have been released on 2001.

So overall, a pretty cool album with some great tunes, but hoped for a bit more and hopefully they can be a bit more adventurous on their next record.

Tracklisting 1. No Fun
2. Nimble Bastard
3. State of the Art
4. Glitterbomb
5. Undefeated
6. Loneliest
7. When I Became a Man
8. Familiar Faces
9. Love in a Time of Surveillance
10. Make No Sound in the Digital Forest
11. Throw Out the Map


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