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Stone Sour - Hydrograd

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Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2017-06-30 Year: 2017
Label: Roadrunner Records
Genre: NuMetal
Producer: Jay Ruston
Artist discography


It is quite natural for Stone Sour to be compared to Slipknot, you know, due to the shared band members and so on. However, this is not very accurate anymore. For instance, there is only one Slipknot member still in Stone Sour, so this make Hydrograd the first album without Jim Root.  Another big difference is that Stone Sour has never been as much brutal metal as Slipknot, but instead playing more modern rock, albeit in the tougher vein.
Stone Sour has been evolving from album to album and I also think that Corey Taylor has improved as a singer over time as well. I remember hearing the single Song #3 for the first time and it was an instant hit. When they write songs like that, they are hard to beat in this genre. They also almost shock us with a country flavored song, namely St. Marie. Other strong songs here are Fabuless, Taipei Person/Allah Tea and Whiplash Pants. On the other end of the scale, a song like Friday Knights does not do much for me, neither does Mercy.
This is the most hit orientated album so far but perhaps they could have cut the albums by 3-4 songs. Sadly, the quality of the lesser songs makes the whole album feel a bit too long overall. Nonetheless, this will cement Stone Sour’s position as one of the better hard rock acts out there today. Miles ahead of that other band, if you ask me.

Tracklisting 1. Ysif
2. Taipei Person / Allah Tea
3. Knievel Has Landed
4. Hydrograd
5. Song #3
6. Fabuless
7. The Witness Trees
8. Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)
9. Thank God It's Over
10. St. Marie
11. Mercy
12. Whiplash Pants
13. Friday Knights
14. Somebody Stole My Eyes
15. When the Fever Broke


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